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What Are The Highlights Of Excellent Outdoor LCD Screens?


Outdoor highlight LCD screens are generally used in outdoor billboards, outdoor ging piles and bus electronic stop signs. Highlight LCD screens increase the visibility of the LCD screen under strong light by changing the brightness of the backlight. LCD highlight LCD What are the advantages of the screen?  Today, the outdoor lcd display manufacturers will briefly explain.

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Lcd screen for advertising outdoor generally used in the outdoor, to face the sun and rain daily. So for the outdoor screens, the requirements of waterproof and heat dissipation performance are also very high. To be able to achieve the Weather-proof, Anti-Theft, Corrosion Resistant, Etc.,

lcd screen for advertising outdoor

What are the Chacteristics of the High Quality lcd screen for advertising outdoor?

1. Waterproof

We are committed to the design and development of outdoor products for a long time. The product diversification, waterproof level can reach IP55 and IP65, can operate normally in heavy rain;

2. Dustproof

Dust is an important factor to reduce the efficiency of products and accelerate the aging of products. By designing dustproof structure and dustproof filter products, the dustproof grade can reach IP55.

What are the Chacteristics of the High Quality Outdoor Screens

3. Anti-theft

Through our professional design, there will not be a screw exposed in the appearance, combined with the anti-theft function of the lock and strong structural support, anti-theft problem immediately solved;

4. Lightning protection

In order to achieve all-weather outdoor performance, reliable lightning protection electronic control design provides safety guarantee for the equipment in thunderstorm days;

5. Riotproof

The use of special toughened laminated glass, even if the glass is broken, it can only produce a fine crack similar to the spider mesh, the fragments firmly adhered to the middle layer, can avoid personal injury or property loss caused by the glass fall. Whether installed vertically or inclined, it can withstand the penetration of accidental impact, and the whole piece of glass remains intact, can continue to withstand impact and shelter until replacement.

6. Anti-reflection

The glass treated by special coating can improve the visual Angle and brightness of the picture, reduce the reflection on the screen, the image display is clearer, more gorgeous color, color more saturated.

7. Anti-electromagnetic interference 

Internal electrical parts adopt shielding measures, which can effectively prevent the interference of internal devices and cables to the signal, and prevent the interference of external electromagnetic to LCD products.

8. real-time monitoring software

There should be real-time monitoring software for outdoor kiosk, such as door detection, brightness detection, humidity detection, impact detection, temperature detection, fan speed detection and so on. Through the real-time detection of the running state of each part of the advertising machine, it will be better for the timely maintenance and maintenance of the outdoor lcd advertising machine.

Because the outdoor advertising display has the advantages of high brightness, low power consumption, high resolution, long life, high contrast, etc. It can provide visual effects that are difficult to match with traditional media, which has led to rapid growth in the field of information dissemination. However, outdoor high-brightness screens have higher requirements for the brightness of the LCD screen due to the changeable outdoor environmental factors. The top outdoor advertising display must meet the high-definition highlighting under the outdoor sun, and it can be fine when it is raining and dusty outdoors. Unhindered normal operation!

Shenzhen Yaxunda LCD Display Equipment Co., Ltd. is optimistic about the overall economic and market prospects this year, but the road to recovery and prosperity in overseas markets will be complicated and tortuous. We are also making progress in the LCD Monitor Software industry and developing the latest LCD commercial display products to seize the opportunities and meet the challenges in the future.

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