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500 nits 55 inch 1.8mm bezel ultra thin gap video wall

Panel Size: 55 Inch

Panel Brand: LG

Brightness: 500 Nits

Resolution: 1920*1080

Bezel: 1.8mm

  • Intelligent software control
    Intelligent control of central management
    Use intelligent control software to control and configure multiple LCD displays through an RS232 or RJ45 connection (Regardless of the monitor's location ) to make the screen easier to set up and the status of all networked displays.
  • Bigger screen for special occasion
    Super big video wall combination
    Through the display's built-in splicing function, it is able to support for a maximum of 15 x 15 total 225 screens to display the complete picture perfectly and without external connection of the processor management equipment.
  • Super wider viewing angle
    178° ultra wide viewing angle

    The DID LCD screen has a contrast ration of 3000:1, which is more than twice as high as a conventional PC or TV LCD screen.

    The DID LCD screen has a super wide viewing angle of 178° vertically and horizontally.

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  • Panel Specification
    1. Panel Brand


      Panel Size

      55 inch diagonal

    2. Panel Resolution


      Active Display Area

      1209.6 × 680.4 mm

    3. Bezel Size

      1.8 mm

      Panel Brightness

      500 nits

  • Interface Ports
    1. Input Ports

      HDMI*1, DVI*1,VGA*1,AUDIO*1,RS232*1

      Output Ports

      AUDIO*1, RS232*1

  • Power Supply
    1. Power Input

      AC 110V -240V

      Power Consumption

      Max 195W

  • Environmental
    1. Working Temperature

      0° C - 50° C

      Working Humility

      10% - 90%

  • Accessories
    • HDMI/VGA splitter
    • Multi-input matrix
    • Video processor
      Video Processor
  • Installation
    • Standard wall mount brackets
      Standard Wall Mount Installation
    • Pop-out brackets
      Front Maintenance Installation
    • Floor standing brackets
      Floor Standing Installation
    • Hanging brackets
      Hanging Installation
  • Factory Process
    • Accessories
    • Back Cover
    • Rear-Cover-Installation
    • Finished-Product,-Ready-For-Testing
    • Test
    • Packed-And-Ready-To-Ship
  • Wall Mount
    • Start Positioning Installation
    • Hydraulic Support Installation
    • The Installation Is Complete
  • Panel Dimenssions
    2020-12-29 120529kb Downloads:6
  • PJ-B551P-V6K 55inch 1.8mm FHD 500nits
    2020-04-07 531907kb Downloads:46

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