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500 nits 46 inch 3.5mm Bezel with FHD panels

Panel Size: 46 Inch

Panel Brand: Samsung

Brightness: 500 Nits

Resolution: 1920*1080

Bezel: 3.5mm

  • video wall monitoring the whole city
    Video wall project for police station

    Big screen, multi signals inputs, real-time broadcast, all these smart features indicates that such video wall is necessary for such place.

    To ensure the safety of the whole citizens, the big video wall displays the current cases or accidents that are happening all over the street. 

    Once there is something wrong, policemen will know the address in very short time.

  • Survillance video wall
    Video wall using for monitoring system
    Whether it is homeland security, airport security, computer security or retail loss prevention, all are important in our everyday lives. Video wall technology enables your operations team to see the whole picture at a glance. We offer access to high-quality video and information feeds so your operators can detect and act on security breaches before they become threats.
  • Control room video wall
    video wall project for control room
    Regardless of where your information may be located, Asianda’s networked control room solutions give you access to your information. Our advanced system offers flexibility, allowing a multitude of input sources to be efficiently distributed over many displays ensuring you have a holistic view of any situation. Users can quickly and easily interface with a wide variety of information sources, and simultaneously view, listen to and interact with the data.

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  • Panel Specifications
    1. Panel Brand


      Panel Size

      46 inch diagonal

    2. Actual Display Area

      1018.08×572.67 mm

      Panel Resolution


    3. Panel Brightness

      500 nits



  • Interface Ports
    1. Input Ports

      HDMI*1, DVI*1,VGA*1,AUDIO*1,RS232*1

      Output Ports

      AUDIO*1, RS232*1

  • Power
    1. Power Input

      AC 110V - 240V

      Power Consumption

      Max 175W

  • Environmental
    1. Working Temperature

      0 °C - 50 °C

      Working Humility

      10% - 90%

  • Accessories
    • HDMI/VGA Splitter
    • Multi-input matrix
    • Video processor
      Video Processor
  • Installation
    • Standard wall mount brackets
      Standard Wall Mount Installation
    • Pop-out brackets
      Front Maintenance Installation
    • Floor standing brackets
      Floor Standing Installation
    • Hanging brackets
      Hanging Installation
  • Factory Process
    • Accessories
    • Back Cover
    • Rear-cover-installation
    • Finished-product,-ready-for-testing
    • test
    • Packed-and-ready-to-ship
  • Wall Mount
    • Start positioning installation
    • Hydraulic support installation
    • The installation is complete
  • Panel dimenssions
    2020-12-29 85798kb Downloads:11
  • PJ-B461P-V6F 46inch 3.5mm FHD 500nits
    2020-04-07 724849kb Downloads:42

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