Commercial display on the video wall, digital signage and hand sanitizer digital display


Since November, Asianda has moved to a new address. With bigger space and d workshop, we are ready to get more order with increased production capacity.
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Unsatisfied with simple face recognition and temperature check function with YXD-F8 kiosk, Asianda has put forward an addtional function named QR questionnaire function to make this kiosk more valuable.
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With big sale on YXD-F8 and YXD215L-AD series, Asianda overseas sales department has organized an activity in the weekend. With the activity, Asianda overseas sales team is becoming more and more cohesive.
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DOOH, digital out of home is becoming more and more popular compared with traditional advertising billboard. It's undeniable that LCD or LED outdoor display will finally replace these billboards.
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To meet different request from all the clients all over the world, we have designed many different brackets to install YXD-F8 for different requirements and for different occasions.
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It is difficult to pick out the best digital signage package, but possibly an even greater challenge is the actual installation. How do you get everything up and running? How do you ensure everything is properly powered and connected? How do you avoid last minute issues?
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Since LCD screens are becoming more and more popular, LCD video wall are becoming more and more widely used for many occasions.
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Chinese National Day and Mid-autumn Festival is coming, to all the Chinese, these two big days are the most solemn and the most festive time. National Day brings all the Chinese new home while Mid-Autumn Festival brings us reunion.
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Every industry is seraching ways to stay healy and combat COVID-19 at the same time during the coronavirus outbreak. The obvious solution is to prepare self-clean and disinfected devices so employees and clients can saty safe. Digital signage manufacturers are putting forward multiple solutions.
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The AI thermal imaging face temperature detection intelligent terminal is a face detection and temperature measurement product that integrates a face contrast recognition heating imaging non-contact temperature measurement module.
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