Asianda Digital Signage Manufacturer

Asianda Digital Signage Manufacturer

As the best digital signage manufacturer in China, Asianda has focused on the production and research and development of digital signage products since 2010, and is the world's leading LCD & LED display project solution provider. The products provided by the company include outdoor digital signage, window displays, stretch strip displays, digital window displays, etc. We are always committed to providing high-quality products and perfect pre-sales and after-sales services to all customers.

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Asianda commercial digital signage application scenarios

Asianda is a leading digital signage manufacturer that offers you all the custom services to meet your requirements. Selling to more than 100 countries and regions, our product is capable of producing digital signage for indoor and outdoor applications.

Asianda digital signage manufacturer solves industry problems for you

Digital window display

2500-3000 nits dual side/ single side display, high brightness digital signage

high brightness digital signage, stretched bar display, window display

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Provide Commercial Display Solutions Tailored

Asianda digital signage manufacturer relies on a professional technical team to provide customers with one-stop solutions. From conception to production we can build a complete solution based on the needs you provide.

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Why Chose Asianda

The products sold by Asianda digital signage manufacturer since its establishment have been widely praised by customers

With the rapid development of modern technology and the changing needs of consumers, vertical digital signage has gradually become an indispensable part of the modern business environment. This high-tech advertising display method not only provides merchants with a new promotional platform, but also
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Interactive digital signage refers to a professional audio-visual touch system that releases business, financial, entertainment and other multimedia information through large-screen terminal display devices in public places, such as commercial shopping malls, airports, hotel lobbies, etc.
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Outdoor LED digital signage is a large-scale LED display used in outdoor environments to publish advertising information such as business, finance, and entertainment.
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Wall-mounted digital signage is a new generation of intelligent equipment that forms a complete advertising broadcast control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display.
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Large outdoor digital signage refers to digital signage equipment that is large in size and has outstanding display effects for use in outdoor environments.
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Digital signage technology is increasingly used in hospitals, bringing revolutionary changes to hospital management, medical services and patient experience. Below is a discussion about digital signage for hospitals.
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In order to adapt to the increasing scale of enterprises and the increasingly complex office environment, it has become increasingly important to have an efficient and orderly office signage system.
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At present, traditional gas stations have gradually evolved into a comprehensive service platform. In this transformation process, digital signage at gas stations is playing an increasingly important role as an innovative marketing and information service tool.
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The emergence of 3D digital signage has brought revolutionary changes to many industries such as retail, advertising, and entertainment. They not only attract consumers' attention, but also increase brand awareness and sales results.
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many hotels are actively seeking innovative solutions. Among them, hotel digital signage, as a modern and interactive information display tool, has received more and more attention and application.
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We pride ourselves on being a top digital signage manufacturer, committed to producing quality and valuable products for customers around the world.

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