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Shenzhen Yaxunda LCD Display Equipment Co., Ltd.

Our company is a global leading LCD & LED display screen projects solution provider. We have been focusing on indoor and outdoor digital signage displays, LED and LCD video wall display, touch screen kiosks. We are always committed to providing high quality hardware and software, our excellent pre-sales and after-sales service and win-win cooperations for all customers.

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Innovative Business Products

Asianda is a leading digital signage manufacturer that offers you all the custom services to meet your requirements. Selling to more than 100 countries and regions, our product is capable of producing digital signage for indoor and outdoor applications.

Explore how Digital Signage can be used to address your INDUSTRY SPECIFIC NEEDS


From a single product to an integrated solution, we've got what your brand needs.

We’ve got the display technology, professional services, and technical support you need. LCD video walls in any shape or size. Immersive 3D visualization solutions. Media servers and players for amazing visual experiences. RGB pure laser projection for unbelievable color and contrast.

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Business Solutions Tailored

Asianda can provide custom solutions that perfectly cater to the needs of your industry and applications. Industries that often use digital signage include but are not limited to the following.

Explore how Digital Signage can be a GAME CHANGER for your business

Why Chose Asianda

We chose Asianda digital signage solution because it’s cost-effective, scalable and secure.

Maximize the impact of traditional campaigns with intent based geo-targeted Digital Outdoor Advertising screen & Digital Marketing campaigns with Outdoor outdoor high bright display companies.
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Digital Outdoor Advertising vs traditional marketing: what’s the difference between the two and which one should you use? Selecting the right marketing type is an age old question on every marketer’s mind. Here’s everything you need to know.
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Lcd Video Wall Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us at any time. We look forward to establishing good and long-term business relationships with you.
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With the applications for outdoor digital signage becoming more and more popluar, choosing a correct outdoor digital signage is becoming more and more important. Then how could we know if the outdoor digital signage is suitable or not? How could we know if they are in good quality?
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Outdoor digital window displays to help you boost sales! Get the ultra-bright and durable window screen digital signage for your business. attention-getting digital bright window display is the perfect solution for commanding attention of your prospective and current customers.Call us today!
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This is Asianda provide new outdoor waterpoof IP65 high brightness sun readable led totem display, with ultra-thin thickness design, dual sides or single side solution, can be installed in all weather conditions, good price and fast lead time, smart monitoring system welcome enquiry.
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LED advertising screens now widely used at different applications. How to choose a best LED video wall solution for your LED project? Hereby we will give us suggestions on LED screens, wish these tips can help you accomplish LED video wall case with low costs and high efficiently.
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In 2021, the date of the Dragon Boat Festival is June 14, which is Monday. It is known as the Duanwu Festival in China, falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year, which was established to commemorate a notable official and patriotic poet Qu Yuan.
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Outdoor advertising machine is suitable for various outdoor places, such as large-scale shopping malls, streets, communities, high-speed station entrances, etc., can be installed on the wall or on the floor according to the needs.
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We completed a 3x4 lcd video wall project in Vietnam recently. The project is progressing smoothly. After the completion, the customer sent us Some project pictures, hereby I would like to share with you the entire splicing installation process.
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