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Why is large outdoor digital signage an effective access channel for display advertising


With the development of network and multimedia technology, many computer fusion applications appear in the market. Outdoor digital screen over the Internet is one of the innovative uses adopted by the commercial industry. Commercial advertisements are a part of our daily life, such as subways, bus stations, supermarkets, department stores, buildings and office buildings and so on.

Why is outdoor advertising screen an effective access channel for display advertising

Outdoor advertising can be said to be the best media channels.

The advantages of large outdoor digital signage are as follows.

advantages of outdoor advertising display

  • Re-marketing: The benefit of display advertising is that it provides more opportunities to re-market your brand. Through re-marketing, display advertising can target your business to a specific audience that has previously visited your website. The more views your display AD gets, the more potential purchases of your product are likely to increase.

  • Better engagement: Another benefit you can get from display ads is the ability to track and monitor engagement with your ads. This will provide insight into how your audience reaches your display ads and develop strategies that will help improve display advertising in the future.

  • Affordability: If you think about it, display advertising to promote your business or company is quite affordable compared to television or radio advertising. Since television and radio are investment-intensive media, your company or business can save even more money on display advertising.

  • Visual appeal: not just state the obvious, but the affirmative. The visual beauty of display advertising is of great benefit to display advertising. It could be an interactive display AD for your brand, or it could be a wacky little slogan for your AD series. Either way, visual AIDS are a way to get your message to the consumer.

So how to make outdoor advertising screen to achieve the maximum advertising effect?

1. Advertising content is simple and innovative

Advertising content is simple and innovative

According to research, when people browse outdoor advertisements, the scanning frequency of human eyes is generally 4-6 words/second. And for the audience in a hurry to walk, the motion state of itself does not guarantee the arrival of the outdoor advertising information, plus some companies may be because of the advertising budget problems, like on the layout of fill the content and information as much as possible, lest cause waste space layout, in such a state, the outdoor digital screens for advertising is difficult to achieve good publicity effect.

The whole picture of a good outdoor advertisement and even the whole facility should be as simple as possible, and should adhere to the principle of little and fine in the creative design. We should know that the audience's attention to advertising is inversely proportional to the amount of information on the screen. The more complex the image of the picture, the more disordered the feeling of the audience, the more simple the picture, the higher the attention of consumers. Therefore, when we use outdoor advertising high bright display screens to promote content, we require simple and clear advertising content, and grasp the effectiveness of instant reading.

2. Installation environment and placement position

Consumers in outdoor Settings do not look at LCD displays the way they do when they are watching television, whether they are moving or sitting. Therefore, do not install the advertising high bright display screens directly on the high wall, this situation will lead to unclear advertising content, resulting in the information can not reach the eyes of consumers. And don't play audio equipment in quiet reading rooms or lounges. Such ads will only be annoying. For example, your target audience is medical professionals, so you place billboards near hospitals.

When we install large outdoor digital signage display screens, we should take into account the coordination of the environment and outdoor advertising display screen, perfect with the city building, city streets, city color. The placement of outdoor advertising display screens should not affect the lighting and ventilation of the building, does not affect the normal operation of the road, does not violate the general planning of the city as the principle, and then take into account the symmetrical, balanced, rhythm, rhythm and other forms of law, so that the outdoor advertising function is truly integrated into the city, become a city scene. For example, a highlighting display screens placed near a theme park that displays colorful content and promotes relaxation and fun may be more popular, while a slogan placed near a professional office building that has a clean, structured design and attractive wording may be more attractive to professionals.

3. Outdoor advertising display screens can provide exposure to promote sales

Outdoor advertising display screens can provide exposure to promote sales

Create maximum exposure by placing large outdoor digital advertising display in areas with the most traffic to the target audience. When your target audience is repeatedly exposed to your outdoor advertising display screens (by commuting or participating in an event every time they are outdoors), they are more likely to respond. Showcasing ads through outdoor advertising display screenss can also remind consumers of brands and products they are already familiar with. Seeing an outdoor AD can trigger consumers to consider the product or service the next time they need it, or it can prompt them to purchase a product or service they would not have considered using before.

Outdoor advertising has many benefits that any company or practitioner can use to enhance their brand image and increase sales.

In the process of advertising display screens project, it is necessary for suppliers to communicate more with users and make more advertising outdoor high bright display information in line with the psychological needs of users. Yaxunda outdoor advertising display screens is a focus on the whole outdoor LCD system research and development, production, sales in one of the national high salary technology enterprises, is also the best choice of one-stop purchasing.

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