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What are The Key Differences Between Traditional Advertising and Digital Outdoor Advertising

By now, most business owners know that using the advertising signs is the fastest and easiest way to convey information to their customers. "silent salesman" is used to describe the use of the advertising signs because it can deliver the messages such as promotion information, product information, etc... to the clients without the need of manpower. 

Posters, light-box and signs have had been the main methods for indoor and outdoor commercial advertising for decades. However, many business owners are selecting indoor and outdoor digital advertising screens, such as LCD digital signage, LED displays, LCD video wall, etc..for their commercial promotion and advertising.

Regardless of the size of your business, advertising is an important tool to expand the scope and reputation of your brand, so it is important to promote your business in the most effective way. There are many different promotion methods, and it's even hard to know where to start. In this article, we will compare two forms of advertising: traditional billboards and digital outdoor advertising, so you can determine which one is more suitable for your brand.

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What are the differences between traditional advertising and digital outdoor advertising? 

What are the differences between traditional advertising and digital outdoor advertising

What are the advantages of outdoor digital advertising?

1. Weatherproof Advertising

The outdoor LCD advertising players digital signage has strong anti-interference and is not easily affected by the surrounding environment. It can also continuously play a complete set of advertising content when the environment is poor;

Outdoor digital advertising displays, such as outdoor LCD screen, outdoor LED display, feature with IP65 waterproof functions, it can keep delivering the information to the audiences whatever is sunny or rainy day. 

2. Real-time Update Message

Outdoor advertising screen displays are with the ability of real-time updating, which can help quickly conveying the important information to the customers. It is win-to-win to the customers and the business. The owners can release the information in few seconds, while the customers can receive the latest news in the fastest method.

3. Advertising with Sound

The communication content of the outdoor LCD advertising digital signage is very wide, and all kinds of information can be distributed. It can be played on the screen and synonized in a picture, video, picture, and text. This makes the advertisement more sound, more humane, and can attract more pedestrians’ attention. In addition, the logo can be played on the shell of the advertising machine to realize the combination of motion and static.

Outdoor LCD advertising displays, such as outdoor single digital signage and outdoor double sided floor standing digital signage, are with built-in waterproof speakers. Adding audio to your images or video with sound is enhancing your advertising, which is helpful to appeal your clients not only relying on the visual, but also auditory.

4. Save Cost

LED & LCD outdoor advertising screens can remotely release, and manage the display content without the need of changing the poster, advertising paper by the employee at the side of the display.  

What are the advantages of outdoor digital advertising

As a new media player, outdoor lcd advertising players digital signage has its advantages and benefits attracting more people's interest. In this highly developed society, consumers have more and more choices, and can obtain relevant intelligence in the first time. Information about the mobile terminal represented by the mobile phone. As a retailer, it is entirely possible to provide services to consumers anytime and anywhere, creating the only shopping atmosphere I have. Of course, in order to achieve the desired effect, digital information communication tools are essential, and outdoor LCD advertising players digital signage are the leader.

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