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How to Evaluate the Quality of LCD Video Wall Screen?


How to Evaluate the Quality of LCD Video Wall Screen?

LCD video wall screens have appeared and installed at many different industries and applications like Shopping all, Meeting room, Exhibition, Control room, etc. LCD screens have strong advantages in brightness, color, clarity, viewing angle, service life, environmental adaptability, etc., which makes LCD screens have a high growth trend in the market, and is recognized and affirmed by many users. At the same time, the high growth of market demand and diversified applications have led to an increasing variety of LCD screen products with various sizes and models. Below are 6 elements that users can learn to uate the quality of LCD video wall!

3X3 lcd video wall screen

1. It is very important which panel is adopted for the LCD video wall screen. It directly affects the performance and using life of the LCD product, and also affects the customer's credibility of brand and manufacturer. Asianda has LG/SAMSUNG/BOE famous brand panel to ensure our LCD video wall screen quality.

2. The brightness of the LCD screen is a very important indicator for measuring the LCD display screen. The brighter the LCD screen is particularly eye-catching. The most common brightness is 500nits which is used for indoor application, if your application scene is near the window or door, 700nits brightness will your choice. Asianda can provide 500nit and 700nits brightness LCD video wall to you!

3. Contrast, which is also an important indicator to measure the LCD screens. When we watch videos with acter scenes, the contrast between light and dark can show the level of contrast. Asianda can provide 4000:1 high contrast ratio display for clients to reach a best display effect.

4. Viewing angle, with the advancement of liquid crystal technology, the viewing angle of LCD splicing screen has reached double 178 degrees or more, achieving the effect of absolute viewing angle. The LCD video wall screens from Asianda can up to 178/178 degrees.

5. If the splicing screen is used for splicing, the seam will be large, which will affect the visual effect, which is unbearable for users. Now manufacturers use DID LCD screens with ultra-narrow frame design. The smallest splicing gap is only a few millimeters. Make the complete picture clearly presented. Asianda can provide super narrow bezel up to just 0.88mm, also, 1.7mm and 3.5mm bezel are available any time.

6. As for the structure of LCD splicing screen, we all know that a complete LCD splicing curtain wall is spliced by multiple splicing units in the form of m×n. In many applications, it is necessary to work continuously for a long time without day and night, which requires the LCD splicing screen to have strong stability and reliability. Based on that, Asianda produce LCD video wall screen with more than 50000hours working life, it is absolutely industrial level screens.

As a professional LCD video wall manufacture with more than 10 years. We helped a lot of clients accomplish their projects. Our team can provide the best and suitable solution to our clients based on different demands. Here share two finished projects in USA market in month.

4x4 49inch LCD video wall with narrow bezel

4x4 49inch LCD video wall with 3.5mm bezel in the lobby

55inch 3x4 LG LCD video wall screen

          3x4 55inch LCD video wall with 3.5mm bezel in the restaurant


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