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How to Make a 3x4 Video Wall

We completed a 3x4 screen lcd video wall project in Vietnam recently. The project is progressing smoothly. After the completion, the customer sent us Some project pictures, hereby I would like to share with you the entire video wall installation guide.
First of all, when the customer receives the 4 screen video wall goods, we will ask the customer to open the box for inspection, turn on all the screens, and check if there are any issues with the screens.

After checking, start preparing for installation. Normally, the screen is good because we pack it well and there is thick foam inside the honeycomb box.

3x4 Video Wall

First, the customer determines the installation hole position, installs their own installation frame on the wall, then installs the bracket on the frame, and then installs the socket on the wall. Finally, start to install the screens from the bottom row upwards, while installing and wiring.

install the screens

There is a control box behind each screen,The video wall controller comes with 1 x USB, 1 x HDMI in, 2 x DVI in, 1 x VGA in, 1 x AV in, 1 x AV out, 1 x Audio out, 1 x RS232 in, 1x RS232 out. Accessories and cables that comes with the delivery are : power cable,, RJ45 (Lan) cable, IR receiver,remote controller,HDMI/DVI /VGA cable, USB-RS232 converter(with CD), RS232 to RJ45 converter , and CD that contains the video wall software.
Now the Most of the PC comes with RS232 port . Find out RS232-RJ45 converter in accessories box,connect RS232 to RS232 out of PC, the other end connect to RS232 in of first LCD screen. 
If PC doesn't come with RS232 port,  have to connect USB-RS232 converter, then RS232-RJ45 converter. need to install USB driver in PC if use USB-RS232 converter.USB-RS232 to PC,  RSRS232-RJ45 converter connects to RS232 in of first screen, RS232 out of  first srccen connects to RS232 in of second screen, the same way for third and fourth screens,this is for controlling.

This 3x4 lcd video wall is for advertising,showing pics or video,we offer client 1 in 16 out hdmi splitter,one hdmi cable connect pc with hdmi in of splitter,12 units hdmi cables connect hdmi out of splitter with hdmi in of all 12 units screens.

3x4 lcd video wall is for advertising

This is the end of the video wall installation guide, and then install the software, and the 3x4 lcd wall display can be used normally after debugging.

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