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Asianda LCD Equipment Co., Ltd. Twice a Year Fire Drill


In the early of this year, Shenzhen Yaxunda LCD Display Equipment Co.,Ltd has relocated its factory and headquarter address to a new Industrial park. As a professional LCD screen manufacturer in Shenzhen for more than 10 years, we not just accumulated rich experience on design and produce LCD products, also keep safety production and pay attention to staff life safety as one of our core values. Right now, Yaxunda has factory area with more than 2000㎡ and about 80 workers in all, It is a compulsory to hold twice fire drill very year, the first time was accomplished on March, and the second time was last week on November.

fire protection for safety production


The whole process of this fire drill are three parts in all: The first part is gathering all staffs together and count the number to make sure everyone is participated in this drill. When the alarm bell is ringing, all the employees stop their job and come downstairs urgently but not hurry and confusion. We know that time means life if fire occurred, and finally it costs less than 1 minute for us to gather at an appointed place, especially for the worker in the fourth floor, they set up a good example for us, well-aligned and without any delay. When all the staffs gathering in time and finished the counting, then professional fire instructor come to give us the lesson about the fire protection.

yaxunda fire drill hold on November


The second part is mainly for theory lesson for fire protection and how to use the extinguisher. Instructor emphasize the importance of safety production and human life. As an enterprise with such big area factory workshop, safety means everything, it is necessary and significant for their staffs to know how to use extinguisher in case fire occurred. Instructor give us a demonstration when it comes to learn how to use the extinguisher correctly, and let very one have a try.

how to use the extinguisher during fire drill for staffs


The final part is put out fire by extinguisher on correctly operation. Select six group people and each group up to five people to put out fire. It is really a wise and effective method to ensure everyone has courage to put out fire by extinguisher when fire occurred. After the half hour time fire drill, more and more workers start to aware of the importance of fire protection and will be more carefully when working in the workshop. This year is just one month left, Asianda aims to provide more LCD screen products in future, all of our Asianda team will keep working and serve our excellent clients.

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