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What advantages that make touch advertising machines so popular

What advantages that make touch advertising machines so popular?

With the rise of intelligent technology, commercial display products with touch function emerge in an endless stream, and the emergence of touch advertising machines has brought new vitality to advertising machines.In a fundamental sense, it is not only an upgrade of the traditional advertising machine media, but also a new technology point that changes the way of human-computer interaction.Especially as a top-ranked category of commercial interactive display, touch advertising machines occupy the industry market with its outstanding functional advantages.Experience the function of touch advertising machine:

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When the touch advertising machine is used for information release, it supports pictures, text, audio and video, animation loop, and split playback;Remotely control and modulate the playback content at a specified time; it can perform remote program list and status query functions, and easily and intelligently control it;And it can record the frequency and scope of the information broadcast systematically, and the staff can facilitate statistical analysis and provide a convenient management mode for the information publisher.

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When interacting with touch, the large touch application function of the touch advertising machine is exerted, that is, by touching the screen, you can query information,The functions of human-computer interaction such as click preview, etc., also allow click operations when the information is played.Nowadays, such functional advantages gradually expand the larger application space of touch advertising machine in the commercial market.The future of touch advertising machine can be foreseen: the current development of Internet of Things and AI intelligent technology, touch advertising machine has touch technology mainly based on infrared,It is being applied in the direction of various smart touches, becoming simpler and smarter. For example, integrating into the catering industry, touch advertising machines combined with smart phone applications,By touching, you can complete the one-stop dining process of selecting menu styles, touching handwritten notes, and mobile payment; touching advertising machines in shopping malls for shopping guide systems,When it is idle, it can publish product publicity information, when it is a shopping guide for customers, it can display products for customers, and at the same time provide customers with channels to place orders and pay,The whole service system removes the complicated shopping process and reduces the work of manual introduction and shopping guide, which not only makes shopping easy for customers, but also shares the workload for store staff.

Under the integration of intelligent technology, the current touch advertising machine, its high-definition and dazzling screen display, simple and lightweight operation mode and intelligent remote centralized management mode,Presenting a modern and intelligent commercial display application equipment, it also further highlights the functional acteristics of information release and touch control, which can meet the popular business needs.Therefore, it has been developed into a hot smart display in commercial centers.

The company is a leading supplier of intelligent commercial display solutions. It has collected the current series of LCD advertising machines, many of which are excellent products with touch advertising machines.It can provide excellent application solutions for touch advertising machines in the commercial field. So far, over the years, the touch advertising machine solutions with superior performance have spreadCommercial centers, restaurants, finance, institutions and other industries present a new type of human-computer interaction advertising machine quality for social development!

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