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Six Precautions for Installation and Maintenance of LCD Video Wall Displays


We all know that the LCD video wall screen is actually a glass product and fragile, so the installation of the video wall displays is not like ordinary display equipment to just find a simple place and install it. The installation of indoor LCD video wall screen not only requires careful selection of the installation site, but also the light around the installation environment, wiring, and requirements for the frame. Therefore, the installation and maintenance of the LCD screen is not so simple, as a professional LCD video wall manufacturer, let’s talks about how to install the LCD screen.

installation of indoor LCD video wall screen

Steps and Precautions:

1. Choice of installation ground:

The installation ground of the LCD screen should be flat, because the entire system of the lcd video wall monitors is relatively large in terms of volume and weight. The selected floor also needs to have a certain ability to bear weight. If the floor is tile, it may not be able to bear its weight. Another point is that the installed ground must be anti-static.

2. Precautions for screen wiring configuration:

When installing the 46 lcd video wall display, pay attention to distinguishing its power line and signal line when wiring, and install them in different places to avoid interference. In addition, according to the size and installation position of the screen of the entire project, calculate the length and specifications of the various lines needed, and calculate the needs of the entire project.

3. Ambient light requirements for installing screens:

Although the brightness of the LCD screen is very high, it is still limited after all, so the light around the environment where you choose to install cannot be too strong. If it is too strong, you may

not see the picture on the screen. The light that may enter near the screen (such as windows) should be blocked if necessary, and it is best to turn off the light when the device is running to ensure the normal operation of the device. Do not install a light directly in front of the screen, just install a downlight.

Ambient light requirements for installing video wall screens:

4. LCD video wall screen frame requirements:

In order to facilitate the maintenance of the video wall monitors in the future, the frame edging must be a detachable edging. A gap of about 25mm is reserved between the inner edge of the outer frame and the outer edge of the video wall. For large scale video walls, the margin should be appropriately increased according to the number of columns. In addition, in order to enter the cabinet for maintenance later, the maintenance channel is in principle not less than 1.2m wide. The detachable side strips should preferably be pressed by 3-5mm from the edge of the screen. After the cabinet and the screen are fully installed in place, the detachable side strips are finally fixed.

LCD video wall screen frame requirements

5. Ventilation requirements for LCD screens:

In the maintenance passage, air conditioners or air outlets must be installed to ensure that the equipment is well ventilated. The location of the air outlet should be as far away as possible from the LCD splicing wall (about 1m is better), and the air from the air outlet should not be blown directly against the cabinet to avoid damage to the screen due to uneven heating and cooling.

LCD splicing wall

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Take Away on LCD video wall displays

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