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Why Self Service Payment Kiosk Becomes More And More Popular?


What is self service payment kiosk?

In China, the self service bill payment kiosk becomes more and more popular in our life. We can always see the kiosks in the large chain of fast restaurants such as McDonald's and KFC, chain supermarket, library and so on. We can even see this self-ordering kiosk in the local supermarket. The payment kiosk has become one part of our life for shopping. Without doubt, it will also become popular around the world and China is leading the trend.

Self service bill payment kiosk can help you place the order and arrange the payment through this all-in-one payment kiosk, and don’t need the counter staff. For example, when you pick up the goods at supermarket and then come to the kiosk, you just need to scan the product’s bar code through the QR code scanner and then finish the payment through POS system or third-party payment software. Then the payment kiosk will print the bill and you can take the products. For fast food restaurant, you can choose the food through the self-ordering kiosk which screen is big than mobile phone and see the menu more clearly. It will print out the order number after payment and you can get the food when the front desk staff say the number. In one word, the kiosk will bring you great shopping experience. 

Touch screen self ordering payment kiosk benefits

As we all know, the labor cost in the modern big city becomes more expensive than before and the decentralization of city population living increases year by year. Saving time and cost is an important topic in modern business. Self-order and self-pay interactive kiosks are designed make ordering and paying easier for consumers, which will also be benefit for the self service kiosks suppliers.

For business owner, the orders are automatically sent to the kitchen or background management software once the cashless payment is made by the customer through POS machine or payment software by QR code. This will reduces the shop staff requirements and management cost. And the company can pay more attention to the products and the clients’ various needs. It will also improve the business space requirements and management efficiency.

For customers, it will reduce the customers waiting time. Once the payment is finished at the self service payment kiosk, the order can be printed out soon on the kitchen printer, or you can take the original products in time after payment. It will also reduce discrepancies in cash received. And you don’t need to take much cash on your hands when you need to buy a large of products.

self service kiosks suppliers

Types of self service payment kiosks

Asianda as payment kiosk manufacturers in Shenzhen, we can manufacture this kiosk in two all-in-one styles; wall mountable or free-standing kiosks. The wall mount self service payment terminal mount flush against the wall and are ideal for locations with limited floor space.Regarding the floor stand, it is adjustable and you can set the height that you need for the customers. Regarding the size of screen, we have 23.6inch and 27inch solution now. We can also customize the kiosk with your requirement.

Self service bill payment kiosk

self service bill payment kiosk

More details about touch screen self-service kiosk payment

The Asianda model YXD24P-WZDT self service bill payment kiosk is assembled with 23.6inch FTD PCAP touch screen, thermal printer which is easy to change paper, QR code scanner and Anti-peeping mirror. It also has location for the POS machine. NFC, camera for face recognition and fingerprint are optional. Regarding the operating system, you choose Android or Window system. 

self service payment kiosk

Regarding the capacitive touch screen, here are the details: 1.10 points high precision, G+G touch screen. 2.Light transmittance is 90%. Resolution: 4096*4096. 3.Minimum touch body: 3mm. Response speed: <10ms. 4.Surface hardness: Mohs level 7. Scan rate: 50scans/s. 5.Operating temperature: 0~ 50. 6.Durability: Withstand more than 60 million times of 10 touches. 7.Optional Operating system: Windows7\XP\2003\Linux, MacOS.

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