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What Is Self payment Ordering Touch Kiosk

  • What is self-service payment kiosk?

A self-service payment kiosk is essentially a screen device at a fixed point. It can be a point of sale (PoS) self-service touch screen kiosk check-out, like those used in supermarkets or shopping malls, or a kiosk in an airport that allows people to check-in without joining a counter queue.

An example of this is buying goods at a supermarket, where money is ed or credit card is swiped, and shopping list is printed for you without having you interact with supermarket employee.

self payment kiosk

  • Where are the self-service payment kiosk applied?

  1. Restaurants-Fast food restaurants employ self payment kiosk so that you can order food and pay for it at the kiosk itself when your order is ready.
  2.  Government-Government buildings employ payment kiosk for handling parking ticket exchanges or for payment of a pre-existing fee or fine.
  3. Hospital-Although most kiosks at hospitals are information kiosks, many are fitted with nfc and payment options. These payment options allow patients to pay their medical bills.
  4. Shopping malls or supermarket-They use self-service payment kiosk to reduce costs and create non-touch shopping experience.

 self service payment kiosk display 

  • What are the benefits of self-service payment kiosk?

  1.  Less human staff are required to serve customers/passengers, resulting in resources savings for the business
  2.  Customers/passengers could save more time for queuing or waiting, which also helps reduce stress for any remaining counter staff
  3. More people can be served in a shorter space of time, increasing efficiency and related profits, from Asianda payment kiosk vendors
  4.  Offering multiple features and functions; the same kiosk can offer information as well as take payments, print tickets and generate more revenue through upsells and advertising

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