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face temperature screening kiosk with QR code questionnaire


YXD-F8 Face recognition temperature measurement has been more and more popular in multiple applications, business building, government hall, hotel, shopping mall, etc. Simple face recognition and temperature check could not 100% ensure human's safety. We need to know whether the person has gone some areas with infected people there (we call it virus dangerous areas) recently, we need to know whether the person has touched infected people recently. When doing this survey, we need to ensure other people's safety. How could we realize this?

    face recognition temperature screening kiosk                                

To solve this problem, Asianda has put forward questionnaire function for this face temperature scanner app. By setting questionnaire to know whether the people has gone virus dangerous areas recently, to know whether the person has touched infected people recently. 

face recognition temperature check with QR code questionnaire

Using infrared technology, the body temperature scanner kiosk will scan the individual's forehead and take their temperature. If an individual has a temperature higher than the allowed threshold, they can be pulled aside for additional screening.

                                                                                    face recognition temperature screening kiosk

But how does this function work from the face recognition temperature screening kiosk? Here are some breif introduction for you. When people are testing their temperature by standing in front of the kiosk, a QR code will appear after testing the temperature. People will get the questionnaire and answer them by scanning the QR code.

face recognition temperature screening kiosk

Temperature check is an effective preventive tool, and we should not be surprised by the business of many workplaces, businesses, restaurants and educational institutions.

The temperature screening kiosk is the perfect connection solution that provides temperature screening, and thus becomes another tool to help keep everyone safe when returning to normal daily activities, as well as clinical thermometers, manual disinfectants, etc.

Benefits of using a temperature screening scanner app:

  • Our face recognition temperature screening scanner app can store an extensive database of 10,000 faces, 100,000 local capture and recognition records. People can be assigned to default groups of visitors, whitelists, and blacklists, or to costumed allocation groups.
  • This panel includes a tubular bracket. A wall bracket, desk base or floor stand can be purchased separately. 
  • Other features include a 7-inch IPS screen (1280x720), IR Led+ White Led dual light design, and robust aluminum alloy body.

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