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Face Recognition Temperature Measurement-YXD-F8

YXD-F8 Use industry-leading face recognition algorithm, 2 million pixel super strong backlit camera, 8-Inch LCD display, strong technical appearance, delicate and smooth material, better sensory experience the school / kindergarten pedestrian channel gates were yransformed Into Intelligent temperature-measuring face recognition gates, which can be quickly swiped through the intelligent temperature-measuring face recognition terminal, CE and fCC qualified.

When most of the area  is under the control, that means all the schools and shopping mall will reopen, so there will be an question: how could we protect our stuff, how could protect our family, and ourselves.

YXD-F8 can be more flexible to intall in the school and lobby entrace gate, only the people in the normal temperature, and if necessary match with the face data base, then can pass the gate, otherwise, it will not open.

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YXD-F8,advanced algorithm, high temperature measurement accuracy support face recognition, face tracking, body temperature display detection; face recognition rate is as high as 99.6% or more, supports live recognition and solves the problem of video photo deception; the capacity of the face
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