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Control Room LCD Professional Display

Control Room LCD Professional Display

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video wall for Brazil police station

Control room LCD video wall for police station is used for control and surveillance in Brazil. Based on the datas from front cameras, police can easily know all the details and information transmitted from them.

video wall for utilities command center

LCD video wall command center for utilities is used to monitor the situations for every place to ensure any emergency situations. With the information from all the parts, workers can easily know what is happening in every place.

Control room video wall for public transportation control center

LCD video wall for control room solution is used for transporation monitoring to ensure the safety and peace of the city. Once there is any accidents or traffic jams, we can know all the details at the first time.

video wall for surveillance control center

LCD video wall control room for company use to ensure the safety and emergency in the company. To ensure the safety of the all the corner of the whole company, this video wall solution will help.

control room lcd professional display

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