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Retailer Solution Provided by Asianda

Huge demands from the Retailer industry about our LCD display products.

LCD display products has a highlight function that attract potentail customers' attention by 24/7 hours playing the advertising, like pictures. videos.so especailly for retailer business, it requests good quality,full function,easy operation, flexible installation for the LCD display products. As a professional LCD display equipment supplier with more than 10 years experience, Asianda has accomplished a lot of successful projects or cases and accumlated matured solution from our customer on Retailer applications. Asianda's products have widely used on Shopping mall, retailer shop, brand chain shore, supermarket etc places.

Video wall screenRetailer Solution Provided by AsiandaLCD video wallself-payment touch kiosk terminal
1. Vivid and distinct advertising program display effect.

Right now, people pursue higher definition LCD display product to realize playing the vivid and distinct program, which will left a deep impression on potential customer after they watch the screen. For the small size screen like:32inch,46inch 49inch etc, Asianda prefer to provide 1920x1080P HD resolution display products, for some special places,where need for the big size screen,like 55inch,65inch,75inch etc ,4K resolution will be needed. 4096x2160P 4K industry LCD screen can satisfy mostly demands from the retailer marketing. Asianda will give the most suitable solution product window digital display,to our customer based on the specific usage requirement. 
window digital display

2. Right Place,right time do the right thing.

Retailer is a huge market, there are thousands of shops,stores,supermarket,shopping malls etc in different cities,also, there are thousands of people will pass by these places everyday.day and night. Right now,choose the proper outdoor digital signs for business, for these place to contribute your business is a right choice for you. It is important to let your latent customer to know what business you are doing!
outdoor digital signs for business

3. Our target---Solve your problem.

If you have any retailer project or case will need LCD display products. Asianda will be you optional for finishing the item. LCD video wall, for band chain shop,window digital signage for restaurant, floorstand advertising player for cinema, wall mount digital signage for supermartet,portable digital signage for grocery etc. Contact us for getting solution asap.

portable digital signage

Retailer Successful Cases Help Us Become More Confident To be Your Reilable Solution Provider.
It is our honor to share you some finished cases which accomplished by us, thanks to your trust and support. Any retailer places, we can provide related LCD display products to you. Your business is our business
Digital Screens for Retail Solution Provided by Asianda
Retailer lcd advertising screen for Stores Solution Provided by Asianda

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