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Modern Digital Experiences for Indoor Amusement

In order to enhance the ambient of nowadays dwellings amusement facility,Video wall visual technology provide a special solution to transforming residential environments into an amazing play experience for media entertainment and digital technology.The Residential solution of splicing video wall brings a shinning visual experience to media rooms and living spaces to have the feeling like cinematic atmosphere into bedroom theater.Especially for the COVID-1bad Influence,People who stay at home can have the feeling of watching a movie (OR play gaming) like cinema to avoid a boring time at home.

  4k resolution support                     24/7 usage                           HDMI Port                    Home Theater

LED Backlight                     Play Gaming                           Real time big screen                     Super Slim Narrow

         For those who desire the experience of the theater in their home, ultra-high-resolution video walls free the typical restrictions of projection by offering enhanced visibility in any lighting condition. With sharp contrast, stunning color and vibrant imagery, LED options produce an immersive atmosphere that recreates—and even transcends—a cinema environment.

Media Rooms

      Media rooms are versatile, multi-purpose spaces that can be designed to accommodate a variety of uses, from sports viewing and entertaining guests to family activities, movie nights, gaming and more. In these areas, flexible video walls and displays that look great from any distance or angle provide a visually rich viewing experience and amplify the room’s entertainment value.

Loung & Dining & Amusement

         To foster interest and artistic appeal in lounges, dining areas and spaces for entertaining, a seamless video wall is a media art canvases for displaying different forms of digital artwork. As a flexible medium, video wall technology allows you to easily change content and the experience you wish to achieve—from nature-inspired videos that promote home wellness to abstract, digital motion art that integrates background movement into a room.

Home & Office

       Video walls and displays transform home offices into highly functional work spaces, improving the clarity of documents and spreadsheets and enhancing the video conferencing experience

       Over the last 10 years,Asianda As one stop solution provider of Splicing Screens,Residential video wall home theater solution have become standard in many commercial spaces. After seeing a  video wall 2x2 in a bar, one Laguna Beach,Calif,etc.beach-front homeowner took things to the next level by requesting a replica of the display in his family’s home theater.

Residential Solutions video wall display to watch football game
When holding a big football competition, All soccer fans prefer to come to the physical places as an audience to cheerleading for the team they love,But Due to the limited ticket ,the residential video wall solution can help people stay at home to closing the exciting moment.
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video wall to watch football game

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