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Smart Hospitality Solution

Asianda hardware solutions help the Hospitality industry control costs, improve staff efficiency and create an environment that makes guests want to return. Together with our specialized partners, we offer a complete portfolio of smart hotel display solutions and services to address the needs of the Hospitality industry.

Our vision and approach to Hospitality is to assure we deliver the Right Solution to the Right Hotel. 

Smart Hospitality digital signage display solutions

Asianda is able to address each specific brand and hotel type with a specific platform and solution set – from small to big in size and from basic to very advanced in functionality. 

To complement our offering, additional solutions and components are set up in a modular way. Depending on the needs of a specific brand or individual property, they can be easily added. The modular set of solution components are described in the following pages.

Explore our hospitality displays, built to transform your guest experience

The outdoor digital signage install in parking or entrence of building. Provide the solution of outdoor advertising display solutions.

outdoor advertising display solutions

The face recognition temperature scanning kiosk or auto hand sanitizer kiosk near door, keep people health in building.

The indoor digital signage install in hall, provide the short distance interactive solution with visitors.

indoor digital signage install in hall

The LCD/LED video wall display installed behind the reception. Easy to display information in different time.

LCD/LED video wall display solution

The video wall solution in meeting room. Smart display solution for users.

Achievable Effect

        Smart Hospitality display solutions ADs outdoor signage kiosk                               Smart Hospitality display solutions Indoor face recognition temperature measurement vertical 4K digital signage display                               Smart Hospitality display solutions floor standing big screen lcd touch screen totem                         Smart Hospitality display solutions Indoor self service kiosk LCD Advertising Screen

   Advertising displa         Face recognition security monitoring       Big screen display solution       Self service/payment kiosk

Contains more basic function

Operating System

Smart Hospitality display solutions android payment kiosk                                  Smart Hospitality display solutions windows narrow bezel lcd wall                                    Smart Hospitality display solutions Ubuntu 55 inch video wall

Basic Functions (For more detailed information, please consult online)

 Smart Hospitality display solutions portland window advertising display                 Smart Hospitality display solutions plug and play lcd advertising display                  Smart Hospitality display solutions WIFI wireless LCD ad player                Smart Hospitality display solutions 7x24hours outdoor LCD kiosk

Basic software service

Smart Hospitality display solutions cloud service advertising players                 Smart Hospitality display solutions multi zone advertising display                 Smart Hospitality display solutions scheduling DOOH                 Smart Hospitality display solutions outdoor kiosk with tech support

More optional features

Smart Hospitality display solutions receipt order self payment kiosk                 Smart Hospitality display solutions QR code LCD video wall                 Smart Hospitality display solutions PCAP touch 55 inch free standing digital signage                 Smart Hospitality display solutions multiple input 55 inch lcd advertising display

Hospitality Digital signage display is a great way to introduce the menu and restaurant to guests.

Digital restaurant signage menu boards in Singapore help customers make choices by displaying food pictures and upgrade options. The digital menu board is also conducive to restaurant management. The contents of the menu board can be easily modified, so managers can quickly delete or add items to help manage inventory and daily specials.

If the restaurant is one of many restaurants in a resort or hotel, a digital display can also be used to help guests make dining decisions. The display can be placed outside the restaurant to display images of the interior and menu items so that guests can decide which restaurant best meets their needs and desires.

For the details of the projects we helped, please view hospitality display Case Study.

Smart Hospitality display solutions
From hotels and casinos to restaurants, sports bars and attractions, the hospitality industry is increasingly focused on improving the guest experience to foster customer loyalty and long-term success.
Smart Hospitality Solution
hospitality display on the duty free shops in the airport, more attractive

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