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Face Recognition Thermal Attendance Camera System Screening Facial Measurement Kiosk Terminal

A:- 7 inch TFT Screen High Speed Temperature Measurement Within 1 second.

B:- Temperature Measurement Accuracy ± 0.3 (℃)  With Mask Detection.

C:- Automatically Register And  Record Visitors  information To Software Background. 

D:- Attendance Management.

E:- Linux System  (Android System Available for Another  Model  F8 By MIPS).

F:- More than 10 countries Languages Supported.

G:- The Most Cost-Effective Temperature Measurement Kiosk For Resell.

  • Fast And Accurate
    High Temperature Screening

        One of Symptom Of COVID-19 it was got Fever ,The Temperature Scanner Could be As much Faster as can be Screening People who got High temperature with in 1 seconds, Fast detection Fast Recognize.

        High-precision array temperature detection module; detection accuracy is ±0.3℃; the best detection distance is 0.4 meters; supports abnormal temperature alarm (threshold can be set).

  • To Keep Safety Distance
    Various Applications

        Where have People where the Temperature Measurement Terminal could be installed,Schools, Work Places, Medical Facility, Retail shop,Shopping Mall...,

        REOPEN is one of hot words During the COVID-19, People need to work to make Money, Factory need to recovery,Student need back to school...All places should be with the temperature screening Kiosk to make people safe and keep social distance.

  • Privacy is Valuable for Each Client
    Linux System Guard your Privacy

        As we know Linux system is a Open Source & Security & Stability (Reliability) & Privacy & High Performance & Fast and easy installation ... etc advantages System, For some Europe Customers Prefer like Linux System to Guard their Privacy.

        The Face recognition Temperature Measurement Kiosk with Linux System to keep it and suitable for different customer operate habit, Customer demand it was what we pursuit , keep Moving Forward.

See all Specs

  • Panel
    1. Screen ratio


      Screen Resolution


    2. Panel Size

      7 inch diagonal

  • System
    1. Languages

      Supported More Than 10



    2. System Type

      Linux System

  • Face Recognition
    1. Camera

      Binocular camera: visible light lens + near infrared lens

      Recognize Distance


    2. Recognize Speed



      2 million effective pixels, 1920 * 1080

  • Infrared Thermal Sensor
    1. Sensor

      1/2.8" Progressive Scan CMOS

  • Full Specifications
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  • User Manual
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  • Software Download
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