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Who will you talk to at Asianda


As a professional manufacturer of LCD digital signage with more than 13 years' experience in this field, Asianda's overseas sales team has played an important and necessary role during the company's development.

Today, you will see this overseas team. 

We are under the leading of Mrs. Ella Chen, the overseas department director.

She has more than 8 yearss experience in digital signage projects and have provided the perfect digital signage solutions to the clients  from more than 100 countries in the world.

digital sgnage expert

The Overseas Department has been devided into two teams.

Every member in the team has his/her unique advantages.

Some are good at negotiation, some are good at offering digital signage solution, some are good at searching the deeper LCD dislay request of the terminal client.

digital signage manufacturer

We are young, but we are all experienced experts in digital signage

We aim at providing the best and the most perfect solutions of various kinds of commercial display projects rather than providing only the prices and the hardware to our clients.

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We pride ourselves on being a top digital signage manufacturer, committed to producing quality and valuable products for customers around the world.

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