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What are necessary for an outdoor digital signage


Outdoor digital signage, as a 7*24 hours' working unit outside, has bring us too much benefit and profit. Then what are the necessary conditions for such a good device?

As a professional manufacturer of outdoor digital signage with more than 12 years' experience, Asianda would like to share some thoughts with you.

Asianda outdoor digital signage manufacturer

Waterproof and dustproof

The outdoor advertising display has a professional waterproof structure design, such as waterproof grooves and inlet and outlet air holes, etc., which can reach the IP65 protection level and can also operate normally in heavy rain.
Professional outdoor advertising machines will design high-efficiency dust filters at the air inlet and outlet to extend the service life of outdoor advertising machines.
IP65 waterproof digital signage

Intelligent temperature control
Outdoor advertising LCD display will generate various heat during operation, so it is very necessary to design an intelligent temperature control system.
The outdoor advertising opportunity adopts a temperature control system that combines the air conditioning temperature control design and the intelligent air cooling design inside the machine, which can adapt to the temperature of -40-65 ℃, and adjust the temperature at any time according to the environment.
outdoor advertising display with temperature control

Explosion-proof anti-theft
In order to adapt to the special external working environment of the outdoor advertising screen, it is generally equipped with professional AR/AG tempered protective glass. The hardness of the glass also reaches Mohs level 7, which has the function of tempering and explosion-proof.
In addition, three-point anti-theft locks for outdoor cabinets will also be used to avoid threats to property safety.
AR/AG tempered protection glass

Sun protection and lightning protection
In order to complete the all-weather outdoor playback performance, the safe supply of equipment is ensured in thunderstorm days and high temperature days.
Asianda's outdoor advertising LCD screen use industrial-grade high temperature resistant screens, which are not afraid of direct sunlight, and also add lightning protection devices to ensure that outdoor advertising digital signage advertising display can operate safely in extreme weather.
IP65 IK10 high performace outdoor digital signage outlet

Smart light sensor adjustment
Outdoor digital signage have extremely high requirements for brightness. Too bright or too dark will affect the display effect of outdoor advertising machines.
Therefore, an intelligent photosensitive probe will be set inside the machine, which can be adjusted according to the ambient brightness and color temperature, and the brightness can reach the range of 2500cd/m2-3500cd/m2.
Smart brightness control for outdoor digital signage

Intelligent inspection system
In order to avoid safety risks and unnecessary operating costs during the operation of outdoor advertising digital signage display, a set of outdoor intelligent security inspection system is specially designed.

There is no need for human inspection and inspection, eliminating the need for human operation costs. The machine will automatically monitor equipment failures, automatically alarm remotely, and provide eight major security protections.

smart real-time monitoring system

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