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The Four Best Digital Signage Companies and Vendors of 2022

Digital signage can be used to provide a variety of messages to increase promotions and brand awareness. It also enhances the customer experience with digital signage screens. Digital signage can play a role in different environments such as public spaces, school buildings, retail stores, restaurants, etc., providing information, marketing and outdoor advertising. Here are the best digital signage companies and suppliers.

What are the good digital signage companies and suppliers

NoviSign ranks among the best digital signage providers because of its powerful features. Many brands like Disney and Hilton also use the software for their digital signage needs. That's why you can rely on this app without a doubt.

The best thing about NoviSign is that it provides you with multiple templates to create your digital signage. The good thing about it is that you can find designs in different categories such as retail, food, etc. The software also has scheduler and playlist viewing options.

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As a high-tech enterprise, Yaxunda LCD Display Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and design of CCTV monitors, 4K LCD video walls, LED displays, indoor and outdoor digital signage, touch screens and corresponding software. Ascent's products have been widely used in government, schools, hospitals, command centers, public places, shopping malls, etc.

Spectrio is one of the top digital signage companies, formerly known as Enplug Display. The vendor's name may have changed, but its top-notch quality and superior features still thrive. One thing to note about Spectrio is that it's primarily aimed at small businesses.

The software has a simple interface and ges based on the number of monitors you need. That's why you don't have to worry about unwanted screens. You can manage content remotely and software automatically and easily.
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Xogo is one of the best digital signage companies that allows you to display content on multiple screens. The best part is that it includes live models to help you manage easily. In addition, the software has a mobile application for flexible management.

In addition to that, Xogo includes several automation features to help you deliver great results. The best feature of this digital signage software is that it can capture all media. This means that the visuals can also play uninterrupted without WiFi.

That's it for our roundup of the four best digital signage companies and vendors for 2022. The choice of digital signage is also very particular. How to choose the best digital signage for you. You can read other articles on our Asianda blog.

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