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The Advantages of Outdoor LCD And LED Advertising Screens

Outdoor LED display refers to a liquid crystal display that plays video advertisements outdoors, and outdoor LCD advertising machine refers to the medium of advertising information placed in outdoor venues such as buildings and roadsides. The similarities between the two are that they are used for outdoor information advertising and dissemination, so what is the difference between the two?

The liquid crystal itself is not bright, only through the backlight transmission can the liquid crystal display content brightly. Usually, the brightness of the LCD liquid crystal display is only 500cd/㎡, and the brightness of the outdoor direct sunlight is 2000cd/㎡. The outdoor display of the LCD monitor cannot be seen. The legibility of the LCD display in sunlight is enhanced only by changing the backlight brightness.
outdoor LCD advertising machine

The LED screen is composed of a small LED diode module panel. One or more (different colors) single lights can be used to form a basic pixel. Because of the high brightness, it is mostly used for outdoor LED screens. The total area of the LCD is difficult to solve. Seamless splicing, LED liquid crystal display can be extended at will and achieve seamless splicing, LED liquid crystal display can run for five years or more. In terms of displaying actual effects, LED liquid crystal displays to have higher brightness, wider viewing angle, and better color reproduction ability than LCD screens.

Relatively speaking, the LCD high-brightness liquid crystal display is slightly less bright than the LED screen, but it is superior to the picture quality and the softness is better than the actual effect of the LED screen display, and the LCD liquid crystal display is not a self-luminous material, so the pollution to the environment is minimal.
Next, let’s talk about the different advantages of the two.

Features and advantages of outdoor LCD advertising machine:

1. Keep high-definition highlights within the visibility distance.
2. High-definition highlight, can adapt to a variety of external environments, all-weather outdoor visibility!
3. The intelligent temperature control system can adjust the internal temperature and humidity of the equipment to ensure that the equipment operates in an environment of -40 to +55 degree.
4. It can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment, reduce light pollution and save electricity.
5. Based on network 3G, WIFI and other technologies, the remote release and management of video content can be achieved, and it can self-produce programs, play videos in real time, and have rich theme content.

outdoor LED display

Advantages of Outdoor LED LCD Displays

1. It has the acteristics of liquidity, mandatory, targeted and effective.
3. Geographical advantage. The key installations are used in shopping malls and other geographical locations where passenger traffic is concentrated. Among them, LED full-color large-screen displays are installed and used in landmark geographical locations, and their communication effects are more shocking and mandatory.
2, the program advantages. Self-made programs, real-time videos, and rich themes; not only advertising, but also programs, including special lectures, columns, variety shows, animations, radio dramas, TV dramas, and advertising in the gaps between programs.

Outdoor LCD advertising machine and outdoor LED LCD display have their own advantages and acteristics. Therefore, when choosing an outdoor LCD advertising machine or outdoor LED, the key is to consider your own needs. Just for long-distance viewers, you still want the advertising content to be highlighted in high-definition within the visible distance!

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