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Outdoor High Brightness LCD Screen Information Kiosk For Sale

As a new media player, outdoor digital screen attracts more and more people's interest. In this rapidly developing society, consumers have more and more choices and can obtain information content of mobile terminals represented by relevant smart phones in a short period of time. As a retailer, it is possible to be ready to serve consumers and create a "shopping atmosphere". In order to achieve the desired effect, digital information dissemination tools are particularly important, and outdoor advertising machine can be used as the media of outdoor advertising.

Regard outdoor screen display, it can be seen everywhere in our daily life, such as large shopping malls, streets, communities, high-speed stations and other local applications are more. There are two main types of outdoor machine structure, a horizontal structure, the other is a vertical structure

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The Features of the Commercial Outdoor Screen Advertising Display
1. Fashionable play mode
Compared with the traditional rolling playback, outdoor machine can realize the combination of dynamic and static, that is, dynamic video and static display, such as picture playback. Its appearance adopts customized design and matches the appearance color according to the requirements of the scene. Make it more compatible with the actual scene.

2. Highlight product video
The outdoor machine adopts a bright LCD screen, which can provide high quality broadcast to the content of the broadcast. Its brightness can be read under sunlight, waterproof and dustproof, and the content of the broadcast can be clearly visible. Different styles, according to the requirements of the application scenarios and the implementation of different functions, recommended appropriate style.

3. Sun protection and explosion protection

In the selection of materials, outdoor machine selected with gold attribute stainless steel shell, so that the product can achieve high temperature, cold resistance. Vacuum laminated glass can achieve good explosion-proof and ultraviolet isolation effect. The combination of the two can make it has an excellent effect on the explosion. At the same time, the waterproof and dustproof effect can reach IP65.

Advantages of outdoor advertising machine
1. Outdoor Advertising Digital Signage advertising delay time is very long, can be a long time or 365 days a year to promote products, do not need manual maintenance.

2. The form of outdoor commercial display is particularly novel and diverse, and it is also a new form of advertising.

3. The anti-interference ability of outdoor advertising screen is very strong and is not easy to be hurt by the surrounding environment. In the course of a bad environment, the main content of a set of advertising can be broadcast continuously.

4. The purpose of using outdoor kiosk to search application needs is particularly accurate. It is aimed at the application needs of some consumers.

5. Outdoor High Brightness LCD Screen Display can be reasonable and effective with TV advertising, only 1% of the TV advertising fee can achieve a certain percentage of TV advertising effect, it can cooperate with the main content of TV advertising, constantly remind consumers how good the seller's products are, increase the influence of users on the brand.

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