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The Installation Methods of Outdoor LED Display

LED display products are currently used in many areas of the market. According to different application fields and installation environments, LED display installation methods are also different. The large outdoor LED display steel structure needs to place auxiliary equipment such as electric cabinets, air conditioners, axial fan lighting, etc., and employees are also required to prepare maintenance equipment such as ladders and inspection tools to enter the maintenance channel for maintenance. In addition, many factors must be considered during installation. For example, it is necessary to pay attention to waterproof and lightning protection in rainy weather, and to pay attention to heat dissipation and fire prevention in summer.
outdoor LED display

So what are the installation methods for outdoor LED displays? How should I choose?

Asianda mainly introduces 5 common installation methods including hanging type, floor type, embedded type, column type, support type and wall type.

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1、Pole Installation
Unipole LED display
There are many ways to install pole-type, generally used as outdoor billboards:
1) Unipole installation method: suitable for small screen applications
2) Double-column installation method: suitable for large led outdoor displays applications
3) Closed maintenance channel: suitable for simple cabinets
4) Open maintenance channel: suitable for standard cabinets

2、Wall Mount Installation
Wall Mount Installation
1) This installation method is usually used indoors or semi-outdoors
2) The display area of the screen is small, and there is generally no maintenance access space. The whole screen can be removed for maintenance, or it can be made into a folding integrated frame
3) The screen area is slightly larger, and generally adopts the front maintenance design (that is, the front maintenance design, usually using column assembly)

3、Wall-Embedded Installation
Wall Embedded LED display
1) The entire LED display is embedded in the wall, and the display plane is on the same horizontal plane as the wall
2) Generally adopt simple box design
3) General use of front maintenance (front maintenance design)
4) This installation method can be used indoors and outdoors, but it is generally used for screens with small spacing and small display area.
5) Generally used for building entrances, building halls, etc.

4、Hanging Installation
Hanging LED display
1) This installation method is mostly used indoor small pitch led video display
2) Generally used at the entrances of passages and corridors, but also at the entrances of stations, railway stations, and subway entrances
3) It can be used for traffic guidance on highways, railways and expressways
4) Screen body design generally adopts integrated cabinet design or hoisting structure design

5、Building Roof Installation
Building Roof LED display
1) This installation method, the display screen and the steel frame structure can resist wind is the key
2) Generally installed with an inclined angle, or the module adopts an inclined 8° design
3) Mostly used for outdoor advertising display
Note: In order to ensure a better viewing angle, the display screen is usually at an inclination angle of 5°-8° with the wall.

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