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National Customs on May 1st Labor Day in 2021


The annual "May 1st" International Labor Day is coming. In order to commemorate this holiday where working people all over the world unite and fight, countries around the world generally hold corresponding celebrations. However, not all countries have designated May 1 as Labor Day, and those countries that have celebrated the same "May Day" have very different specific celebration methods and customs. Next, follow me to learn about Labor Day customs in countries around the world.

 National customs on May 1st Labor Day in 2021

Below are Customs of Labor Day from different countries:
China-The Government Affairs Council of the Central People's Government designated May 1 as the statutory Labor Day in December 1949, which is a national holiday. The festival is a national celebration. People put on festive costumes and happily gather in parks, theaters, and squares to participate in various celebration gatherings or cultural and sports entertainment activities, and to commend workers who have made outstanding contributions. Whether online e-commerce or offline physical stores, large-scale promotional activities will be held to stimulate consumption. For workers, the small holiday on May 1st Labor Day has become a choice for many people to travel.

Thailand-During the "May 1st" national holiday, there will be related celebrations in the capital and some big cities, but the scale is generally not too large. This year, Thailand will be on holiday on the 1st and compensatory holiday on the 2nd.

Japan-Japan is a country with many festivals. There are many festivals around May 1, such as Arbor Day on April 29, Constitution Memorial Day on May 3, National Holiday on the 4th, and Children's Day on the 5th. Together, the average Japanese have at least one week of rest, and the longest can even reach 11 days.

United States-It coincides with the weekend. The United States has a holiday on the 30th and the 1st, but in the past, it only took one day off on the 1st.

Russia-May 1-3 is a national holiday, when all political parties will gather on the Red Square to give speeches, etc., and ordinary citizens will hold parades.

Germany- "May Day" is an extraordinary day for the Germans. This day is designated as a statutory holiday, because it is not only a holiday for workers all over the world, but also a day when Germany is rich in traditional folk customs.

Italy-Although Italy recognizes the "May 1st" International Labor Day and the government also expresses its respect for labor, most people do not hold special celebrations and do not have a national "May 1st" holiday.

Mexico-May 1st this year is also Mexico Labor Day, but Mexico does not have a national vacation.

Poland-holiday on the 1st, because the 3rd is the Polish National Day, some units will take a holiday from the 1st to the 3rd. On May 1, the Polish National Council of Trade Unions, the Democratic Left Alliance Party, the Social Democratic Party, the Labor Union and other leftist groups and parties held a mass parade to celebrate the "May Day". The parade displayed slogans such as "8-hour working day".

The meaning of May 1st International Labor Day


Labour Day around the world in 2021

The significance of International Labor Day lies in the fact that laborers have obtained their legitimate rights and interests through struggle, with a tenacious, brave and unyielding spirit of struggle. It is a historic progress in human civilization and democracy. This is the essence of May Day. Therefore, people pay so much attention to Labor Day.

Labor creates wealth, labor creates civilization, and labor is the creator of all civilization and wealth. Labor is divided into mental labor and manual labor. Mental laborers summarize the experience of manual labor, and manual laborers realize the vision of mental laborers. The significance of the International Labor Day on May 1st should make the people aware of this. Especially mental workers should realize the meaning of labor.

Labor is the most glorious. The significance of Labor Day is that labor creates wealth, labor creates civilization, and labor creates our lives. There is no distinction between physical and mental power in labor, and everyone who works hard deserves respect. So, I wish all of us a happy Labor Day.

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