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Could Digital Signage In Elevator Be The Most Effective Type Of DOOH?


With the rapid development of the global economy, the height of the buildings in the city set new records again and again. The elevator become a part of our life and we will use it every day except mobile phones. The height of building becomes more higher, it will need more time to stay in the elevator for some people, which means that more people will see the contents displayed on the screen if you install the elevator digital signage in the elevator. You can also set the LCD elevator information display on the side of from door. The more the audiences, the more business owners are willing to put elevator advertisements with elevator display.

elevator information display


In addition, affected by the COVID-19, some people will wonder whether the elevator advertising display market will continue to be sluggish in 2021 or not. Because of the epidemic, many people cannot go out or go to work normally. Looking back at history, advertising information display demand will only delay the release, but it will not disappear. With the popularity of vaccines and adjustment of the economy, the depressed market demand will be released in 2020. The longer the market demand is depressed, the higher the release will be.We, Asianda, as a professional LCD display manufacturer, are launching a digital signage for elevator advertising display.

elevator information display

Elevator smart LCD screen is used for information and advertising in the local area network of buildings and office places. It will bring people the visual enjoyment when they are waiting for the elevator and standing in it. It can be set to start the machine regularly in multiple periods and no need people turn it on. You can also make setting remotely through the XDS software after installing 4G module and connecting the Internet through Wifi. It is equipped with door lock protection to prevent theft of multimedia card and leakage of file content. Intelligent elevator control system can manage elevator information scientifically and realize dynamic management and summary analysis. For potential accidents, timely and scientific emergency plans and rectification measures are put forward to effectively protect the personal and property safety of users. It is the mainstream form of the current advertising media.

Our elevator information display digital signage is designed with dual LCD screens. One screen size is 18.5inch and the other one is 10.1inch. The dual screens can also display different advertisements or contents on each elevator display. The display modes are vertical screen, full screen and split screen. It's also convenient to split the same screen to display different format contents, such as video, picture and so on. It has 2*5W speaker with stereo surround sound and easy to attract people's eyes to see the displaying contents.

 elevator digital signage system

About the display contents uploading methods, you can upload the information in the elevator display screens through USB drive or XDS software. It will need to assemble the elevator with 4G module to connect the Internet through Wifi. Or you can edit the contents or displaying information through the XDS software and then upload them to the digital signage kiosk. Both methods are easy to manage.

elevator display screens 

Regarding the installation of digital signage in elevator, it is easy to install it. Please help to check the progress below for your reference. 1.Please open the anti-theft lock at the bottom of the advertising player at first. 2. Unscrew the screws inside and remove the back cover. 3. Fix the back cover in place with screws. 4. Then hang up the advertising player on the back cover.

 digital signage in elevator



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