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Global Market of Outdoor LED Displays Trends by 2021


China's Outdoor LED Display products have been widely recognized by international customers, whether it is the high-end market, or the middle and low-end market, as long as there is outdoor led display advertising demand, you can see the figure of China's LED display. With more and more LED display enterprises going out, Chinese Outdoor LED Display enterprises have entered a new stage of global market competition. And more and more display enterprises will also have the strength to go to the international market, the future international market will be further expanded, the application will be more and more wide.

Global Market of Outdoor LED Displays

On the other hand, thanks to the growth of small pixel pitch LED video wall , LED displays began to enter the commercial display market and began to eat into the market share of LCD and DLP. In the face of such a huge business opportunity, domestic display manufacturers continue to increase their investment in small pixel pitch of LED Display, and continue to break the limit of pixel pitch, which plays a positive role in the improvement of the overall technical level of the display industry. To China's LED display and even the development of the entire LED industry, is bound to play a huge role in promoting.

small pixel pitch LED video wall

The COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has caused a huge impact on all industries, with setbacks in import and export and dismal overseas markets. LED display Panel application enterprises mainly focused on export began to vigorously layout the domestic market and expand domestic sales channels. Now, the difficult and tortuous year of 2020 is finally coming to an end. With the economic situation gradually recovering, many enterprises begin to have expectations for the overseas market next year. Acunda through years of accumulated experience in the industry, forecast next year the overseas LED display market will usher in a beautiful spring.

Outdoor Advertising led display

In response to the epidemic, countries have taken measures to shut down most industries, which has suppressed the demand for activities and forced the LED display application market such as Commercial Display, Outdoor Advertising and large rental into a cold winter. Although there are still gathering activities and commercial shopping activities in some areas of foreign countries, due to import and export difficulties, domestic enterprises can not get a share of the spoon. they have to shift their attention to the domestic market. If the global epidemic is largely contained in 2021, there may be an "explosive growth" rebound in demand for products that have been held back for a year.

Following the RCEP, the EU Chamber of Commerce in China called on China to hope that China and the EU could sign the China-EU Investment Agreement (BIT) as soon as possible and put the China-EU FTA negotiation on the bilateral agenda as soon as possible. Japan has also changed its attitude in welcoming China into the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). There is no doubt that the development of multilateral relations between China and the rest of the world, through tax concessions, facilitation measures and many other tangible benefits, will open the door to Europe, Asia Pacific and other markets, for China's LED display related enterprises in the next few years to explore the overseas market to lay a solid road. 

Shenzhen Yaxunda LCD Display Equipment Co., Ltd. is optimistic about the overall economic and market prospects next year, but the road to recovery and prosperity in overseas markets will be complicated and tortuous. We are also making progress in the LED display industry and developing the latest LED & LCD commercial display products to seize the opportunities and meet the challenges in the future. 

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