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How to get more display on the electric vehicle charging stations


How to get more display on the electric vehicle charge stations

 Although the ging facilities are still in the initial stage of development, but for enterprises, it is a good idea to enter early. Sales of electric passenger cars have surged in recent years, and public demand for public ging infrastructure for electric vehicles has also increased. It has been proved that digital outdoor advertising (DOOH) can effectively replace advertising solutions based on third-party cookie's and attract more customers. Therefore, providing digital signage for electric vehicle ging stations should be a wise and visionary profit strategy for electric vehicle ging stations.


The digital outdoor media screens will provide opportunities for electric vehicle ging stations to generate revenue or increase existing revenue, and will also contribute to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. If you are considering the business of electric vehicle ging stations, or adding public ging piles for electric vehicles in existing commercial places, please continue to read this article to understand the benefits of using digital outdoor media and the skills to improve profits.


 Commercial interests of electric vehicle ging stations


 Public ging stations for electric vehicles can bring great commercial benefits to site owners and network owners. For example, ging stations can attract new environmentally friendly customer base and promote on-site business; reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles and rapidly improve reputation; and increase customer stay time to promote consumption. But the most direct thing is to profit from itself.


 Depending on your business model, you can also generate direct revenue sources, such as ging drivers a subion or ging fee. However, while customers may be willing to pay for ging services, people will prioritize convenience when choosing a ging location. So more than 80% of car owners will choose to ge in their own homes. So how can we achieve profitability under the conditions of satisfying the convenience and benefits? The answer is digital, outdoor, media advertising.


 Why can digital outdoor media help electric car ging stations become profitable?


 If we see electric vehicle ging stations as potential advertising platforms, we will open up a whole new future. With third-party cookies being disabled, marketers have had to rethink their digital advertising strategies, increasingly trying to reach consumers in their daily lives. In electric car ging stations, the brand will reach a wide audience, which is very attractive to third-party advertisers. By 2027, the global expenditure of digital outdoor media is expected to reach $15.9 billion. The scenario-style digital advertising for electric vehicle ging piles will enable enterprises to adapt to the trend of The Times and achieve new results.


By introducing digital outdoor media into the business model, it can provide convenience for customers without ging, so as to attract more and more electric car drivers. Moreover, the company's profits can be increased through the additional income brought by advertising, forming a win-win-win situation in which ging stations, customers and third-party advertisers all benefit.


 How to profit from electric vehicle ging stations equipped with digital outdoor media


 A recent study showed that of all stereotyped revenue sources, advertising revenue topped the profitability of electric vehicle ging stations. Of course, advertising revenue depends entirely on the advertisers 'value judgment of the specific location, as well as the ging station's selected advertising sales, programming and delivery management.


If you want to use digital outdoor media to profitable electric car networks, several points to consider. These excellent hands-on experiences will lay the foundation for the future success of the enterprise and bring as much new revenue as possible for each ging station.


 Location, location, and location


The revenue potential of digital outdoor media for electric vehicle ging stations depends on advertisers' value judgment of their location. Charging stations in these high-traffic areas are expected to generate higher advertising revenue because to the potentially many areas such as mall entrances and high exposure. In addition, if the ging pile is located in a convenient location, and the people stay for a long time, it will also be favored by the brand, and may also bring higher advertising revenue.


 Electric vehicle driver behavior insight


Another way to increase profits is to analyze drivers' behavioral data. The development of retail relies on data and customer analysis, using insight into shoppers to make more informed decisions in all link from pricing models to supply chain management. Today's digital outdoor media platforms provide similar reports and insight analysis to help you get a deeper understanding of a customer's ging behavior, such as the time of the day, the average time of stay at the location, and identify potential growth areas.


 Programmed sales


In 2022, more than 90 percent of digital screen advertising fees will be traded programmed. Promote the digital screen of the electric vehicle ging network to realize the program trading, thus further exploring the market. This data-supported approach can save time and provide opportunities for a variety of dynamic digital outdoor media advertising transactions that are not only easy to measure, but also highly targeted and can be activated in real time based on consumer behavior and current audience conditions. Procedural sales has various advantages and is a reliable way to increase advertising sales revenue.


 Suitable for digital outdoor media software


In cooperation with technology solution providers such as YXD Signage CMS, electric vehicle ging stations can easily be profitable through digital outdoor media advertising. Today's digital signage software can undertake various management tasks of the digital outdoor media network, but also can effectively improve the effectiveness and optimize the efficiency. In addition to managing content and advertising on digital signage, digital signage software can also enable programmatic sales, optimize the direct sales process and integrate electric vehicle ging management software to help you maximize the efficiency and revenue of your ging station network.


 Choose high-quality digital signage software to achieve profit for electric vehicle ging stations: key functions of digital signage software that need to pay attention to in 2022

 Whether you are planning to build an electric vehicle ging network equipped with digital outdoor media from scratch, or want to use the new digital signage to upgrade your existing network, choosing the right software is critical to business success.


There are several companies on the market that can offer such services. To help you uate digital outdoor media solutions for your business, we have outlined some of the main software features to help ging stations increase advertising revenue.


 More intelligent sales


If your digital signage software has limited ability to manage advertising or does not support programmatic sales, you miss potential revenue. Sales and ad management tools designed for outdoor advertising can display real-time inventory, enable intelligent content redistribution, and support various types of ads to help you optimize AD sales. Access to a supply-side platform designed for outdoor advertising, your network will attract targeted advertising from all over the world and generate new revenue from programmatic sales. With an integrated digital outdoor media platform like YXD signage cms, you can connect to all the tools for both direct and programmatic sales.


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