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Digital Signage Stimulates the Desire to Shop Customers

How can we better resolve the contradictions so that our small store can attract the "passersby" to the greatest extent in a limited area and stimulate the desire to shop?

Dgital display screen

Good shop signs account for half, and good retail stores do not have good signs, just like people have no faces. In the past, traditional printed signs had defects in aesthetics and information transmission; later LED signs used low-quality LED bulbs, and there was no improvement in-store signs. Because of its visual unity, it is ugly but not beautiful.

In terms of the richness and expressiveness of information transmission, the quality of the new LCD horizontal stripe screen is also higher than that of traditional printing plants and LED displays. The real-time and life cycle of information do not require frequent replacement. Various screen types such as complex panels, double-sided screens, inlaid screens, quantum dots, etc., have also brought diversified independent choices for the "generation" of retail panels. With the popularization of technology, it is a good choice whether it is from the perspective of the attractiveness of the city or from the perspective of cost.
digital display screen

Window screen, a good helper for product display

With the development of the digital signage industry, transparent screen technology is becoming more and more mature for many companies, and its types are becoming more and more diversified. There are soft LCD transparent screens, LED transparent screens, and OLED transparent screens that use the latest OLED technology. Screen. Display methods include a double-sided display and double-sided screen with somatosensory technology; a somatosensory transparent screen that can be seen from a distance and touched at a close distance. It can meet the diverse display needs of different products. Even if there is no professional narrator, shoppers can understand and choose by themselves, and cooperate with the vending machine, which greatly saves the labor cost of the retail industry.

At the same time, transparent window screens have many advantages such as transparency, beauty, lightness, and concealment. It is a new display product integrating decoration, lighting, display, and advertising. Widely used in glass curtain walls, it has become one of the most important display products for outdoor advertising. At present, the light transmittance of window screens sold in the market can reach 30%-70%, and the light transmittance effect is the same whether viewed from the front or back. Especially the double-sided display, you can see the front and back at the same time. Through video playback, you can maximize the effects of city lights and advertisements in a limited space. The picture gives a sense of transparency. The window display not only has the practicality of display but also has a certain degree of beauty and concealment.
best digital display screen

For the retail industry, it is most suitable for product display.

Self-service vending machine, shopping more autonomously

For the retail industry, in addition to the purchase cost of the product, the biggest cost expenditure is only the labor cost of the buyer and the seller. Digital signage display equipment collects data, processes, analyzes, and performs intelligent data analysis to help shopkeepers make purchase plans more reasonably; digital signage display terminals with built-in self-service sales functions allow shoppers to shop on their own. Said that mature smart dressing mirrors have become a good helper to help customers choose their own products.

In the city of m, you and I walk together. For the retail industry, the best way is to give customers the best experience in a limited space. Stimulate the shopping desire of shoppers. Let shoppers have more freedom of choice. Digital signage is an advantageous choice for retail shop owners.

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