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Best Digital Signage 2022

With digital signage, you can display video, sound, graphics, animation, and more on monitors, projectors, and other multimedia devices. The best digital signage software to advertise your branding services, showcase your message, and boost your sales, here's our roundup of the best five digital signage vendors.

1.Yodeck - Easy-to-use, cloud-based platform

yodeck digital signage software

Yodeck's own marketing approach is that everything is on demand, service is fast and reliable, and it is easy to use. Yodeck's interface is clear at a glance, and scheduling monitors is also very simple, but in order to run the display service, you need to buy a Rasberry Pi-based Yodeck player. Either run Yodeck on your monitor for free by configuring an existing Rasberry Pi, which will confuse most first-time users, and it's by no means fast.

Yodeck has all the basics, like video and audio compatibility, and the ability to stream content from third-party providers.

2.Viewneo - Digital Signage Software with Hardware Solutions

viewneo digital signage software

Viewneo will grow with your business, and components can be added and removed depending on the size and complexity of the display you need. Viewneo includes software integration, access to 2 million images, social media plugins, weather, and more.

Viewneo will not be difficult for first-time users because its cms are very clear and easy to use. Viewneo software is also compatible with other players, including Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast.

3.REACH - easy capture and automation

Beach digital signage software

With REACH's powerful integration engine, users can easily capture and automate content from sources such as OneDrive, Canva, PowerBI, SharePoint, etc., and easily create content to deploy to the entire display. They offer integrations and modules (weather, social media, video, graphics) to seamlessly pull data from multiple sources onto a single screen.

REACH is best suited to serve industries such as healthcare, corporate, retail, education, restaurants, government, fitness/recreation centers, and more!

4.Spectrio - Stay d with fresh content

spectrio digital signage software

Spectrio is easy to use and grabs attention with digital menus, waiting room TVs, interactive kiosks, video walls and more, a great platform to showcase promotions and customers to enjoy constantly changing content like news, weather, maps and more.

It creates a social platform for customers to view promotions, menus, media posts, news, weather, traffic, sports and other interesting applications. Its digital ease of use keeps audiences engaged with fresh content.

5.Asianda - the best cost-effective solution for digital signage

asianda digital signage software

Asianda has all the basic functions and is easy to use. There are many component modules in the interface, such as weather, menu, etc. With Asianda you can advertise your branded services with whatever message you want to show.

Asianda has many different types of solutions, and it not only has digital signage, but also video wall, outdoor digital signage products and solutions.

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