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What are the Features of Digital Window Display


With the improvement of people's life quality, "shopping" has become the most important way of leisure and stress reduction in modern urban life. With the appearance of multimedia digital signage, digital advertising screens are widely used in many large commercial buildings, such as stores, restaurants, and electronic flagship stores, to display product advertisements, the latest products information, then finally stimulating the customers’ desire and attracting their shopping. Window advertising is playing a more and more important role in current fierce advertising competition, which becomes the first step to attract the clients entering the stores

What are the Features of Digital Window Display

Asianda developed digital window display to help the business owners attracting the customers easily. What is the advantages of digital window display advertising?

 advantages of digital window display advertising

High brightness LCD screen for outdoor side:

Double sided digital window display features with one side 500nits brightness for indoor advertising, another side with 2500nits brightness for outdoor side advertising. 2500nits high brightness LCD display is sunlight readable, the clients can see the advertising contents clearly even under direct sunlight.


Light-sensor on 2500nits brightness side

2500nits digital window display is with built-in light-sensor, which ensures the display contents are visible whatever day or night. Light- sensors automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on the change of environment brightness, making sure the display life time is more than 50000hours.


Ceiling mount bracket as standard:

Whatever is the single side digital window display or double side digital window display, it comes with ceiling mount bracket. Ceiling mount installation is helpful to save the space.


Remotely the contents:

Content management software is free to provide for Android version. The business owners can remotely release, and control the display contents of digital window display. Double sided digital window display supports the same display content and the different display via using our CMS.

window display advertising software

Window display is the fine art of displaying store merchandise in the store window. Window display is emerging as the new mantra in retail and is fast changing from a dull, uninteresting exhibition of wares in the store window to a dynamic form of advertising.

Window advertising is a marketing model that we come into contact with every day. As a form of window display advertising, it has three direct advantages: 

1. Large window, large area, and large impact. 

2. Digital advantage. 

3. Scene advantages.

Whether it is an LCD TV or a light box advertisement, the entire window is used as a large-screen advertisement, and its huge display area is unmatched by other indoor advertisements. Moreover, with the continuous improvement of the government's requirements for outdoor media, the window is an outdoor media scene full of opportunities.

Moreover, 4G has matured, 5g is rapidly spreading, and windows and numbers will be closely linked. The convenient access of WiFi devices and the advantages of natural indoor applications make the window double-sided LCD advertising signs have more advantages and more functions expected by future brands.

Most importantly, when a consumer passes through a street or a store, he or she will have the opportunity to see the advertisement. If there are attractive advertising content, consumers will even remember the store and brand, and even enter the store to browse and purchase. The advantages of such a scene can be compared with the elevator advertisement at work. In the era of omni-channel digital marketing, attention and interest are the main challenges, especially when shopping is "going out".

Therefore, as consumers move from home to store, window double sided advertising signs and digital window advertising are most likely to attract consumers' attention. In the shop window, the most powerful tool to attract customers is the window-type double-sided LCD advertising display, especially the large-size digital screen for sale. It provides the flexibility of dynamic, timely, and relevant content, and its effectiveness is unparalleled.

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