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65 inch Outdoor Double Side LCD in Greece


Nice pictures from the Athens Greece Europe, 65 inch dual side, double sided outdoor floor standing digital posters.

Asianda provide the better solutions for the outdoor advertising digital display solutions for the bus shelter, bus station advertising display.

Based on the good understanding on the outdoor digital signage displays needs, Asainda team keep developping better quality oudoor lcd display products, especially on the bus shelter display, outdoor street lcd display signs, more easy to help the people to pass their commerical informations, brands reputations.

The intelligent bus outdoor display will be able to achieve the following five functions in the future:

1. Real-time bus arrival forecast.
The display screen on the stop sign will be used to display the arrival forecast information of the bus, including route forecast, location forecast and time forecast.

2. Instant information release.
The display screen can also be used to publish all kinds of public information, such as news summaries, government announcements, weather forecasts, road conditions, financial newsletters, etc.

3. Mobile intelligent monitoring.
The wireless surveillance camera on the stop sign can monitor the passenger flow, traffic flow and public security around the bus stop in real time, which is another acteristic function of the intelligent bus stop sign system.

4. Information collection and display can be converted freely.
The bus company can check the location of the vehicle in real time through the background information management center based on the relevant data collected by the system in real time.

5. Multimedia information service platform.
Multimedia bus electronic stop sign. Since the stop sign host is connected to the background through the network, and the background can be connected to the Internet in real time, the platform can realize the human-network interaction function, such as the surrounding business information query with the Double Sided Digital Signage| sign as the core point, such as the surrounding Various value-added service information such as restaurants, pharmacies, entertainment venues, sports venues, etc. within 1 kilometer, so as to make full use of the advantages of the multimedia information release system platform to turn the smart station sign into a convenient service platform.

Yaxunda's 75-inch bus Double Sided Digital Signage, the LCD screen displays the golden ratio of 16:9, and the ultra-clear display with a resolution of 1080P, bringing a better visual experience to passengers. Outdoor display brightness is 2000 cd/㎡, ultra-low power consumption is 180W, and the backlight can be automatically adjusted according to the environment. Comes with temperature protection and timing switch, you can start the temperature protection and remotely set the switch time according to the temperature set value.

Through the 75-inch LCD industrial-grade outdoor LCD screen, you can provide waiting passengers with bus route information, vehicle location information, broadcast advertisements, provide time, weather, road congestion and other information, and the information has been changed remotely through the background control system. The LCD screen can be divided and set arbitrarily according to local acteristics and customer needs, bringing customers different experiences.

Here is more informations if you would like to check on the outdoor digital signage displays, or the outdoor digital signage solutions.

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