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Dual screen 75inch Outdoor Digital Signage With Unique Design Unique Thoughts


With 10 years' experience in Digital Signage field, Asianda has developed its unique design and unique structure for outdoor digital signage advertising players under the guidance of hardware engineers who has abundant desiging experience. Here are three different designs we have currently. We can also do customized design.

Dual screen 75inch Outdoor Digital Signage With Unique Design Unique Thoughts

Although Chinese New Year Holiday is coming soon and many factories are beginning having holidays gradually, Asianda Team is still working hard for the outdoor digital signage displays. Here we'd like to share you some pictures for the production of our 75 inch dual side advertising displays.

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With unique appearance design and inner structure, Asianda provide you a better outdoor advertising display solution. Higher brightness, vandal-proof structure, IP65 rate, Anti-Reflection glass, etc. all the outstanding features are in this dual side outdoor digital signage. 

Think about how much you pay per month on standard printed signage and advertisements. Printed ads and signs can get pretty expensive pretty quickly; outdoor digital signage displays can bring your costs down very quickly. Think about it; every time you get a round of signage printed that is a huge cost, every time you design a new ad there can be a huge cost, if your signage gets old or worn out you need a new printing, and so on. Outdoor digital signage takes those transaction costs down extremely quickly. No more monthly printing costs, instead, you see a small increase in your monthly electric bill, but when you go with LED signage, that cost will be very small. Best of all, is the durability of your new signage. No more weather faded signs, and you can even go in on a set up with other companies, which brings your costs down even lower.

You can also see the video with link below to get more details:

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