Albanian National Studio Case Video Wall Solutions
this is a brife introduction of the studio video wall soutions case in Albanian.
Mosaic Video Wall Solutions
Mosaic Video Wall Solutions without processor , or Splitter
Asianda Team Work on CPSE 2019
CPSE 2019, Asianda Team work on side.
Welcome to join with us, ISE 2020, using the code for free.
Asianda WA9 Series Press Conference
Thanks for more than 20 Media come to attend Asianda New Product-QD-Signage Press conference .
Face Recognition Advertising with Cloud
Face Recognition System could let you know how many people pass by your posters, female and mela, what kind of the ages range, day by day, and month by month, the data will be more valuable once it is big enough. This system will help to study on your potential customers, and show the big data on your target cus