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Why use digital signage in your restaurant? What are the benefits

Why use digital signage in your restaurant What are the benefits

If there's one thing that goes together like burgers and fries, it's restaurants and digital signage. Use our tips to create great digital menu boards and more. Restaurants often use digital signage as a way to display information such as TV menu boards, sell products, and make the overall dining out experience more engaging.

In the digital age, digital screens naturally attract customers’ attention. Now, with simple digital signage tools, you can do more than just a digital menu board.

Here are a few ways you can use digital signage to enhance your customer experience and revenue.

Place eye-catching digital signage at your door

When we place digital signs at the entrance of the restaurant, customers can get the latest discount information before entering the restaurant and order food more efficiently. As a display window for the restaurant brand, digital signage not only enhances the brand image, but also further increases visibility. Exquisite pictures and videos attract the attention of many customers, create a unique atmosphere, and enhance customers' trust and loyalty to the restaurant.

Place eye-catching digital signage at your door

Placing digital signage at the entrance provides the restaurant with advertising opportunities and broadcasts the restaurant's promotions, menus and other information, further increasing brand awareness and sales. The convenient and fast nature of digital signage also enables it to information in a timely manner to meet market demand and improve restaurant operation efficiency.

Waiting time display board

Eliminate the risk of customers leaving when they see a long line. By strategically crafting your digital signage playlist and taking your waiting audience into consideration, you can reduce perceived wait time - by up to 35%. Additionally, you are more likely to capture their attention and increase dwell time.

It can be seen that displaying waiting times in restaurants is a very effective marketing strategy that can significantly increase restaurant sales and customer satisfaction.

Create a digital menu board

Create a digital menu board

Digital signage can be used as a restaurant menu display, replacing traditional paper menus. Through high-definition picture and text display, customers can understand the dishes more intuitively, including name, price, pictures and other information. At the same time, digital signage can also be d in real time according to seasons and events, providing customers with the latest dish information.

Share on social media

Social media is a powerful force in food advertising. Display social media feeds like Instagram and Facebook and encourage social sharing by creating hashtags or QR codes for your customers.

Host a photography contest; offer discounts to customers who leave reviews (you can also display reviews on your screen via Facebook, Google Reviews, or the Yelp app); or just use a social media wall like Taggbox to showcase user-generated content.

Offers are released to upsell items.

Digital signage can be used as a marketing tool for restaurants to publish information on various promotions, such as discounts, gifts, etc. This information can be displayed in the form of pictures, texts, videos, etc. to attract customers for further consumption.

Based on the preferences and habits of different users, we conduct a detailed analysis of the dish packages that customers may like, and use combination discounts to attract customers to place orders. In this way, we sold more products and customers also received real discounts.

Here are our top 10 benefits of using digital signage in restaurants

Here are our top 10 benefits of using digital signage in restaurants

1. Information display: Digital signage can be used to display various types of restaurant information, including menus, prices, activities, offers, etc. This helps customers understand relevant information before entering the restaurant and improves their ordering efficiency.

2. Branding: Digital signage can be used as a display window for the restaurant brand to enhance the brand image. It can show customers the characteristics and values of the restaurant, thereby attracting more customers.

3. Guide customers: Digital signage can be used to guide customers, such as indicating where they should queue, wait for their order, etc. This helps improve customer satisfaction and restaurant operational efficiency.

4. Provide additional information: Digital signage can display additional information related to the restaurant, such as health tips, ingredient introduction, etc. This helps to increase customers' trust in the restaurant.

5. Create an atmosphere: Digital signage can play music, videos, etc. according to the characteristics and needs of the restaurant to create a unique atmosphere. This helps improve customers’ dining experience and loyalty.

6. Advertising opportunities: Digital signage can be used to play advertisements, such as partner advertisements, restaurant promotions, etc. This provides restaurants with additional advertising opportunities, helping to increase brand awareness and sales.

7. Timely s: Digital signage can be d at any time, such as changing menus, prices and other information. This allows restaurants to adapt their messaging to market needs in a timely manner.

8. Improve efficiency: The use of digital signage can help restaurants improve efficiency, such as by displaying menus and prices in advance, reducing customers' time waste when ordering. In addition, digital signage also supports remote management and s, making information easier to maintain and .

9. Increase exposure: The placement of digital signage at the entrance of the restaurant increases the exposure of the restaurant, allowing more passing pedestrians to notice the existence and related information of the restaurant. This is very helpful for marketing and promotion of the restaurant.

10. Improve customer experience: By displaying menu, price and other information through digital signage, customers can learn more about the dishes more conveniently and quickly, reducing the time and frequency of asking waiters, and improving customer experience. At the same time, digital signage can be customized according to the needs of the restaurant to meet the needs of different customer groups and improve customer satisfaction.

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