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How to Choose Outdoor Digital Signage Vertical Display

Today, digital signage has become the protagonist of outdoor advertising, bus shelters, kiosks, shop windows and even on the sides of buses or trains passing through, can see the existence of digital signage display.

These display screens are used as windows for direct communication with the audience and directly determine the application effect of the entire digital signage system. So, in actual operation, what matters should the industry users pay attention to in order to buy the most suitable display products?

How to Choose Outdoor Digital Signage Vertical Display

outdoor digital signage vertical display purchase, stability is the most important

With the development of display technology and the increasing efforts of manufacturers to digital screens for sale, there are more and more choices of outdoor digital signage at the display level. In addition to traditional LED displays, LCD displays and small-pitch LED displays Screens have already begun to enter the outdoor display market. In order to stand out in the fierce market competition, manufacturers in the industry have cut prices to digital screens for sale. Faced with such a complicated situation, industry users want to buy the most cost-effective products. We must know how to look at the essence through the phenomenon, and put stability in the first place.

It should be known that in outdoor applications, if outdoor digital signage vertical display want to operate continuously 7x24 hours unattended, they must resist a variety of force majeure environmental factors such as humidity, high temperature, severe cold, and strong wind. At the same time, due to the complex outdoor environment , Destructive factors such as sand, dust, pollen, etc., although they will not cause a fatal blow to the display, they will cause accumulated damage over time and seriously affect the service life. Therefore, industry users should not blindly pursue gorgeous display effects when choosing products. Instead, they should put product stability in the first place according to actual application environment requirements. For example, for indirect or direct sunlight environments, choose high Brighten the product to ensure that the display content is clearly visible; in a place with severe dust and variable humidity, it is necessary to choose a product with a dust-proof and moisture-proof design.

Display Resolution To demand may be, do not ignore the content matching

FULL HD display screen

Resolution is undoubtedly the focus of the factors that people consider purchase display products, and now, thanks to rapid advances in display technology, the market is not only 1080p full HD products, as well as the trend of 4K products, more representatives of leading 8K or even 10K products. In theory, the higher the resolution the better the picture quality of the display, however, worth noting that, in practice, in order to ensure the application of the effect of outdoor digital signage, display content will be d, but for now, the market The content of 4K, 8K and other resolutions is still very limited, which means that in order to ensure the of the content, industry users need to customize related content, which requires continuous investment of funds, plus a display with a resolution of 4K or more. It is expensive in itself, leading to a substantial increase in overall application costs.

Optional LED display, the brightness is not better

Nowadays outdoor digital signage market, LED display remains well-deserved hegemony, and its reason for favored customers, an important reason is the high brightness, which caused the product to the user selected brightness higher the better impression, but In outdoor digital signage applications, this is not the case.

LED brightness is a key element that determines the brightness of the LED screen, and LEDs have different angle values. When the chip brightness has been determined, the smaller the angle, the brighter the LED, but at the same time, the viewing angle of the display screen is also smaller. DOOH mostly set in wide, open environment, relied on the audience a glimpse of the past, if the viewing angle of the display is too small, it will narrow the scope of universal push information to a certain extent, thereby affecting the efficiency of push information. Based on this, the user needs to seek a balance in brightness, and angle in the purchase price, to ensure maximum application efficiency.

outdoor digital signage vertical display is not always better, to consider the application environment
Nowadays the large-screen display market, the large size of this became an irreversible trend, and outdoor digital signage, as are used in a broad vision of the outdoor environment, it will naturally pay more attention to the big screen. However, in practical applications, screen display effect, not only on the display area, but also consider the optimal viewing distance. While outdoor digital signage in outdoor settings, but not all of them need remote viewing, for instance, in the bus station applications, mainly targeted at passengers waiting for the bus, relatively close viewing distance, the screen is too large but affect the audience's viewing experience, Also, pay attention to outdoor digital signage to build match with the surrounding environment, the screen will look even more direct impact on the surrounding environment. Based on the above two points, the industry must fully consider the user's own application environments digital signage system in the purchase of goods, should not blind pursuit of large-size trend.

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