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Four Common Misunderstandings About Digital Signage

Digital signage is an easy-to-access and effective form of marketing, and it has effectively attracted the attention of the world. It fundamentally changed the advertising industry and helped customers benefit a lot. However, there are still many people who have misunderstood the overall effect of digital signage and its impact on enterprises. We will answer the most four misunderstandings.

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Misunderstanding one: It takes a lot of work to modify the content of the screen.

Digital signage is used more and more, but many people feel that it takes a lot of work to modify the content of the screen, because the software is very complicated, and many people have not learned how to use it. Now that we are accustomed to the use of technology, we have made a lot of progress in simplifying the process, so it is actually very simple to modify and create new advertising content.

Misunderstanding two: Difficult to manage digital signage.

This may be true when the concept of digital signage is still in its infancy. But over the years, digital signage has become the main form of advertising. One of the main reasons is that the company has increased revenue and saved marketing budgets. Gone are the days of being a form of advertising that required static signs. Using digital signage, companies can more creatively manage the types of advertisements they want to participate in at any time and can easily change the image and text of the advertisement.

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Misunderstanding three: The equipment needed is expensive.

In fact, double sided digital signage equipment and graphic materials are more economical than printing and replacing static signs every week. The equipment needed is expensive. In the age of digital signage, it is necessary to create new content and use existing software to make the necessary changes. In today's fast-changing advertising and digital content, the ability to instantly advertising and core brand information is more important and cheaper than printed advertising.

Misunderstanding four: Minimal impact on participants and investment returns.

As mentioned above, compared with static signs, digital signs make it easier for advertisers to expand customer coverage in a wider range. Simplifying advertising and brand information through the ability to integrate new advertising more quickly than ever before can not only determine the company’s target level, but it is also not so simple to convert these numbers into sales.

Asianda said that the application of digital signage is becoming more and more popular, and it has a leap of help for enterprises, shopping malls, and advertising services.

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