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Elevator Digital Signage System Advertising Solution

The Outdoor digital signage display is the most eye-catching component in the entire digital signage system, but often the most eye-catching component is supported by a very powerful system. The multimedia information publishing system has become a core product in the digital signage industry.

The new digital signage intelligent advertising solution, Shenzhen Yaxunda best digital signage companies combined with the digital communication of information, intelligent elevator safety, emergency rescue integration and other functions of the building elevator advertising machine operation, it supports the broadcast of news, building management announcements, and other functions under normal circumstances. Service information, safety knowledge, commercial advertisements, weather forecasts, etc. When the elevator fails, the elevator advertising machine can be turned into emergency equipment, supporting functions such as one-key alarm and emergency guide.

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1. Centralized control management
Shenzhen Ya Xunda elevator advertising machine supports remote control and management through the WAN network, without manual card replacement and card ion, so that different places, different audiences, and different time periods can play different advertising information content.

2. Real-time release of information
Shenzhen Ya Xunda’s 18.5-inch Elevator Advertising Screens also supports the release of safety knowledge information, property service information, and commercial advertising information. It supports the immediate release of emergency information, emergencies, and media files, including bank foreign exchange, fund interest rates, policies and regulations, Real-time information such as promotional activities, weather forecasts, and clocks can be released simultaneously.

3. Multi-screen split-screen different display function
Shenzhen Yaxunda's 21.5-inch vertical screen elevator digital signage display supports setting a specific broadcast schedule for each screen, which solves the contradiction that only advertising attention is reduced or only entertainment programs have no advertising value, and realizes diversified operation functions. It also supports custom split screens, the screen area can be divided arbitrarily, the horizontal and vertical screens can be arbitrarily matched, the resolution can be combined at will, multiple screens do not interfere with each other, can play videos, music and pictures at the same time, and support the combination of information release, touch query and interaction

4. With floor display function
When the elevator display advertising  machine is docked with the elevator backstage, it can obtain the elevator running status in real time, support the floor display, integrate the digital information or voice information of the elevator's up and down into the multimedia publishing system, and display the elevator up or down on the display terminal while publishing the multimedia advertisement. Down and stay floors.

5. One-key alarm function
The elevator Elevator Advertising Screens solution supports one-button alarm. When the elevator fails and the user is trapped, the emergency rescuer can be contacted as soon as possible to shorten the response time, improve the timeliness of rescue trapped people, and play videos such as emergency guide for trapped elevators. To calm the trapped people and stabilize their emotions, and inform passengers of the current status of arriving at the elevator and correct handling methods through voice, so as to avoid accidents caused by passengers' wrong operations.

6. Data monitoring
The elevator advertising machine solution provides data monitoring support. The data in the elevator car is collected through the camera, which is conducive to the centralized management of community monitoring. It monitors the personnel entering and exiting the elevator, supports video storage, and can retain the video for future reference.

The elevator multimedia display products developed by Yaxunda Electronics adopt the industry's high-end display solutions and have developed multiple sets of size products, with rich internal and external interfaces and powerful software functions, which meet the supporting requirements of IoT products. Normally broadcast advertisements and public welfare information release; in emergency situations (such as abnormal elevator operation), realize emergency warning and contact rescue personnel; elevator digital signage system use mobile Internet to realize unified release and management of programs, and finally monitor elevator operation status with the help of elevator Internet Shown in.

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