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Digital signage installation


It is difficult to pick out the best digital signage package, but possibly an even greater challenge is the actual installation. How do you get everything up and running? How do you ensure everything is properly powered and connected? How do you avoid last minute issues?

The questions get even more complicated if you're dealing with complex installations, such as video walls, interactive elements.


Q. What are some of the biggest challenges with deploying digital signage?

A: Lack of proper planning around program goals, equipment specifications, display placement, messaging strategy, installation, quality control, maintenance, warranty management, operations, etc. You name it – deploying digital signage successfully commands all the proper planning that other strategic marketing and technology programs would require.

Q: What are some tips to make installation easier?
A: Here's what we recommend:

Standardize equipment.
Document all installation procedures.
Utilize technicians who have been trained on equipment installation procedures.
Develop a troubleshooting guide with installation FAQs by technicians.
Ensure proper project management, including logistics, scheduling and resource management.
Utilize settings files that can be copied and restored for easy hardware setup in the field.
Have level 2 technicians readily available to answer questions from field resources.
Conduct site surveys.
Employ quality vetted Install teams and make sure they are trained on the equipment they are implementing.
Choose displays that can be monitored.
Use mounts that have post adjustments.
Select products that have similar warranties.
Test product before it hits the field for limited failure on site.
Work with a company or partner who can kit all of the products so you don’t have techs on site overnight without all the equipment for the installation.

Q: What are some tips to make installation faster?
A: Again, here's what we recommend:

Restore setup profiles that have been previously set, verified and copied from a lab environment.
Preconfigure as much as possible (i.e., routers, media players, etc.) before installing in the field.
Ensure that equipment is on site and that location resources know when the technician is coming and are aware of the expected duration of the installation.
Keep things as close to plug-and-play as possible when in the field.
Conduct site surveys.
Use great installation companies.
Have a scope-of-work document for the techs and a call-in number if something goes wrong.
Have level 2 technicians readily available to support the field technicians.

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