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Benefits of Digital Signage in the Retail Environment:


Benefits of Digital Signage in the Retail Environment:

  • Ensures a common branding and customer experience across all locations
  • Ability to cross-market products and services
  • Additional sales tool to increase margins and attachment rates of tertiary products
  • Ability to stronger brand equity between customers and brand
  • Ability to incorporate live infotainment to entertain and inform guests in store common areas
  • Day part sales promotions as well as utilize inventory level systems to change promotions based in stock
  • Ease of introducing new marketing campaigns
  • Cost-effective promotions and marketing
  • Decrease costs associated with printing and shipping of static materials
  • Environmentally friendly by reducing waste goods
  • Display emergency management messages
  • Ability to sell advertising to suppliers of goods and services
  • In retail with dining, can incorporate digital menu boards
  • Use in back office as a tool for in-house training of goods, services, and corporate information

Today's retailers recognize the benefits of using digital and interactive displays in their branding and customer shopping experience. The technology allows shoppers to interact visually with products or promotions while still in the store environment, where actual purchasing decisions are made. Retailers are also leveraging the technology for employee training and, in the form of interactive kiosks, for self-service applications, wayfinding and guided selling.

Applications Retailers:

  • Video Walls
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Commerical LCD displays

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