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2 x 2 Video Wall for Good Restaurant in Hong Kong


2x2 lcd video wall installed for the Chinese restaurant in Hong kong.

3.5mm bezel, better commercial display for the menu dishes.

2 x 2 Video Wall for Good Restaurant

With the continuous development of display technology, the types of lcd video wall screen products are becoming more and more abundant, and its application scenarios are becoming more and more extensive. Even the indispensable restaurants in daily life have appeared in lcd video wall panels. So what is the use of lcd video wall display in restaurants, and where should they be installed?

Generally speaking, the display products of restaurants are mainly LCD display screens and  LED display screens, and their functions are used to display the price of dishes of the day, new dishes, service information, and holiday greetings. Of course, the screen can also play some novel content to attract passing pedestrians to the restaurant.

There are a lot of people flow near the restaurant, and the focus of the shop owner’s attention is on the rate of entering the shop and the amount of consumption of consumers. So how to better attract consumers to shop for consumption? A good publicity tool media is very important, and lcd video wall display is one of them.

Generally speaking, the store can use the view wall display screen in the glass window of the store, hanging in the middle hall or as a partition effect. The  2x2 video wall display  screen is not only a novel advertising medium tool, it can play brightly colored, transparent and dreamy video and text information. Attracting customers into the store for consumption, it can also play a good role in store decoration. The light, thin, and stylish view wall display will not affect the indoor lighting and viewing line of sight when used, creating a comfortable dining environment for customers.

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In addition, the store can also play some videos and images about diligence and thrift on the 2x2 video wall to reduce waste and improve the quality of customers' dining, which plays a great role in advocating civilized dining.

The restaurant  4k video wall screen  not only combines modern advanced technology and equipment, but also has a great breakthrough in environmental protection. The splicing screen can realize the variable large screen function according to different usage requirements: single screen Split display, single screen single display, arbitrary combination display, full-screen LCD splicing, vertical screen display, and the image frame can be compensated or covered. Not only can it form a large screen wall, the wide viewing angle playback effect is also very shocking, which can fully attract the attention of customers.

Yaxunda is a professional LCD large 2 x 2 video wall manufacturer. It has rich case experience in the catering industry. It can create novel video wall display system solutions according to the needs of users. It can also be customized to create personalized and diversified themes. Solutions, easily show their own advantages, and easily attract customers' attention.

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