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How to increase sales with supermarket digital signage

How to increase sales with supermarket digital signage
With the continuous development of technology, digital signage has become an increasingly important marketing tool in supermarkets. By utilizing digital technology, digital signage can display product information, promotions, advertising and other content in a dynamic and personalized way, thereby attracting more customers' attention and increasing sales. This article will look at how you can use supermarket digital signage to increase sales.

Asianda’s retail digital signage solutions help customers navigate supermarkets more smoothly. But it can also increase your revenue by improving the customer experience, increasing customer loyalty, and directing people to the highest-margin products.

Here, we’ll show you how to use Asianda’s centrally managed, adaptable signage to increase sales by:

Let’s start with an overview of this versatile signage solution.

What is supermarket digital signage
What is supermarket digital signage?

Supermarkets are usually filled with static signs, each with a different function.

There might be a welcome sign above the door, informational hanging signs showing what's in each aisle, and additional navigation or wayfinding digital signage to help people find restrooms, checkouts, escalators or changing rooms. Meanwhile, promotional signs inside and outside stores showcase products, and legally mandated health and safety signs mark emergency exits and evacuation routes.

Digital signage can do it all, too. It can replace traditional static signs that are difficult, expensive and time-consuming to . Digital signage, in contrast, can provide a bright, eye-catching display that you can always adjust as needed.

In busy environments like the produce aisle of a supermarket, traditional signage can get lost in the noise. What's more, when someone shops with you on a weekly basis, they may become so focused on their route around the store that they may no longer even notice your signage, let alone your full product selection.

However, by displaying information on the screen using features like Asianda’s video and playlist features, you’ll capture their attention. You'll encourage busy shoppers to take a second look and consider all their options before adding items to their cart.

In fact, research shows that across the retail industry, 80% of brands realize up to 33% additional sales through the use of digital signage.

The role of digital signage in supermarkets

Guide customers: Digital signage can dynamically display information such as the location and price of products, helping customers find the products they need more conveniently. At the same time, digital signage can also provide information such as new product recommendations and promotional activities to guide customers to purchase more products.

Increase purchase desire: Digital signage can display product information in a dynamic and personalized way, thereby attracting more customers' attention and increasing their purchase desire. For example, you can display pictures, videos and other multimedia content of the product to help customers better understand the features and advantages of the product.

Improve brand awareness: Digital signage can play brand advertisements and promotional videos to increase brand awareness and image. This can not only increase customers' impression of the brand, but also increase brand loyalty.

Ways to increase sales with digital signage
Ways to increase sales with digital signage

Update product information in real time: Product prices and information in supermarkets often need to be d, and digital signage can product information in real time, making customers more trustful in the quality and price of supermarket products. At the same time, real-time s of product information can also make it easier for customers to learn about the latest products and promotions in the supermarket.

Personalized recommendations: Digital signage can provide personalized product recommendations based on customers’ purchasing history and preferences. This not only increases customer interest in buying, but also increases sales. For example, when a customer purchases a piece of clothing, digital signage can recommend matching shoes or accessories.

Interactive experience: Digital signage can add interactive elements, allowing customers to interact with products. This not only increases customers' sense of participation and desire to purchase, but also collects customer feedback to better improve goods and services. For example, a touch screen can be used to allow customers to check product details or make online purchases.

Create a shopping atmosphere: Digital signage can create a comfortable shopping atmosphere through background music, screen design, etc., allowing customers to stay in the supermarket longer. At the same time, by adding information such as warm reminders and shopping guides on digital signs, customers' shopping experience and satisfaction can be increased. For example, recent holiday promotions or new product launches can be displayed on digital signs.

Data analysis and optimization: Digital signage can collect customer behavior data and feedback information to adjust and optimize marketing strategies. For example, the display order and recommendation algorithm of products can be adjusted according to the customer's purchase history and preferences; the advertising strategy can be optimized based on the customer's behavioral data, etc. These optimization measures can improve the marketing effectiveness of digital signage, thereby increasing sales.

Upsell premium products
Upsell premium products

Most supermarket shelves are stocked with products at different price points – from everyday value options to high-end ranges. Digital signage is a great place to encourage shoppers to splurge and treat themselves, drawing attention to more luxurious options, ultimately increasing your sales.

For example, let's consider the snack aisle. When customers think about what they want to eat while watching TV, they may habitually choose mid-range, mid-priced chocolates. But if you can place a digital sign before they make their usual choices, you might be able to draw their attention to something new at a slightly higher price.

Here, you want to show them how the benefits of a quality product justify the higher price. People are also more likely to choose more expensive products if the product is part of an upsell bundle, so consider using digital signage to promote premium products that people can purchase as part of a meal deal or multiple purchase offer.

If your store offers free samples to let people try a quality product before buying, eye-catching digital signage with additional information can be a great resource for employees who hand out samples.

Advantages of digital signage

Low cost: The cost of using digital signage is relatively low, requiring only one-time investment in equipment and maintenance costs. At the same time, the operating costs of digital signage are also low, as only regular content s and equipment maintenance are required.

Strong customizability: Digital signage can be customized according to the needs of the supermarket and the characteristics of target customers, and the display content and form can be flexibly adjusted. At the same time, digital signage can also be personalized and adjusted according to different time periods and events.

Strong interactivity: Digital signage can add a variety of interactive elements, such as touch screens, QR codes, etc., allowing customers to interact with products. This not only increases customers' sense of participation and desire to purchase, but also collects customer feedback to better improve goods and services.

Measurable effects: Digital signage can collect customer behavior data and feedback information to measure and uate marketing effects. This can help supermarkets better understand the needs and preferences of target customers, thereby adjusting marketing strategies and increasing sales.


Using supermarket digital signage to increase sales requires developing a personalized marketing plan based on the supermarket's own characteristics and the needs of target customers. Through real-time s of product information, personalized recommendations, interactive experiences, and creating a shopping atmosphere, we can attract more customers' attention; through data analysis and optimization, we can improve the marketing effect of digital signage; through strong customizability, strong interactivity, Advantages such as low cost can enable supermarkets to better utilize digital signage to increase sales.

At the same time, pay attention to updating equipment and content in a timely manner to maintain novelty and respect privacy rights. Do not abuse guests' information data to promote products or services. Only in this way can digital signage become a truly effective marketing tool in supermarkets, increase sales, and enhance the supermarket's brand image. and value.

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