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Asianda obtained another new practical patent - outdoor advertising machine


Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, Asianda once again leads the industry with its innovative spirit and successfully obtained a new utility patent certificate. The patent is called "An outdoor advertising machine that can automatically adjust brightness." It is unique in that it can save energy consumption, reduce power, can be connected to the Internet through touch, and is equipped with air conditioners or fans for heat dissipation.

Automatically adjust brightness

Automatically adjust brightness, save energy and reduce consumption by 32.58%

The biggest highlight of this patent is its unique automatic brightness adjustment function. We know that the brightness of outdoor advertising machines has a crucial impact on advertising effectiveness. Excessively high brightness may have a visual impact on the audience and affect the viewing experience; while too low brightness may prevent the advertising message from being effectively conveyed and reduce the advertising effect. Therefore, advertising machines that can automatically adjust brightness according to ambient light are undoubtedly an urgent need in the market.

Test comparison results are shown in the figure

(Test comparison results are shown in the figure)

This patented technology of Asianda Company was developed in response to this market demand. Through advanced photoelectric sensors and intelligent algorithms, it can automatically adjust the brightness of the advertising machine according to changes in ambient light, which not only ensures that the advertising information is clearly visible, but also avoids visual impact on the audience, greatly improving the advertising effect.

Reduce power, increase efficiency
In addition to automatically adjusting the brightness, this outdoor advertising machine also uses advanced energy-saving technology to effectively reduce the machine's power consumption. This can not only reduce power expenditures and improve operating efficiency, but also help reduce the load on the power grid and achieve a win-win situation for society, the economy and the environment.

Touch networking, convenient operation

Touch networking, convenient operation
In addition, this advertising machine also has the function of touch networking. Users can operate by touching the screen, which is convenient and fast. At the same time, the advertising machine can also be connected to the Internet to achieve remote control and management, greatly improving work efficiency. This design fully reflects Asiada’s in-depth understanding of user needs and its ability to innovate in technology.

Equipped with air conditioners or fans for heat dissipation to ensure stable operation
In order to ensure the stable operation of the advertising machine, Asianda also installed an air conditioning or fan cooling system. Whether in hot summer or cold winter, this design ensures that the advertising machine can maintain good working condition in various environments, thereby providing stable advertising display services.

Overall, this "an outdoor advertising machine that automatically adjusts brightness" once again proves Asiada's leading position in technological innovation with its unique design and excellent performance. We have reason to believe that this advertising machine will bring a new user experience and inject new vitality into the development of the advertising industry.

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